Saturday, December 15, 2007

Maggie Plays in the Snow

Last winter, Mags wasn't old enough for snow playin' so her first experience really touching the white stuff was last Saturday.
She watched the snow fall with Daddy and seemed to get real excited about what she was seeing.
Then we bundled up to go out. We put on so many layers we couldn't squeeze her shoes on. So, we got out these 4T hand-me-down sneakers from Madison. Worked perfectly.
Maggie didn't really like it. Okay, she didn't like it at all. She ate a couple handfuls but that was all she really did. When we tried to put her down, she screamed!
Dan and I made this great snowman using the snowman kit our friends Coty and Geoff gave us last year. Such a fun neighbor gift idea. It came with a hat, fake carrot, and stone eyes and mouth pieces. We can re-use it every year. Only problem was, we made him way too big and had extreme difficulty lifting the middle and the head onto the body. But we managed.


Brian Holdaway said...

Well, darn. Wait till next year, I'm pretty sure she'll love it then (something about anything that can make a mess entices two-year-olds like nothing else).

Auntie Donna said...

Okay, here's my weird thought - I wonder what it would be like if you looked out the window and saw manna falling down? At least, when you ran out to take a handful, your hand wouldn't freeze. i mean, I assume it wouldn't.

I have pictures of Gin's first snow day - she looks just exactly like Maggs- she's standing there in her little sneakers and hooded coat, hands together with the fingers all fat and spread out, looking down like - WHAT?/????

K said...

Oh, whoops. Just made an account for my Aunti Donna, and the computer thinks I'm her. I'm not. I'm me.

Emily Ramussen said...

Bridger is still learning to like the snow. We really need to bye him proper "gear" but I guess I am too cheap and then I would have to get myself some stuff so I could play with him and not freeze my but off so hummm...but your snow man is super cute! I think next time we get a big snow fall I have brave the cold and make a huge one like yours!

Ohio Rasmussens said...

I love Maggie's face! Her smile is so genuine, excited and big! I love it! We are getting a ton of snow here too...Ammon made a little snowman family that I'll have to post soon. I also love the idea of a snowman kit for a Christmas present. Good idea!

Ginna said...

Cute. It looks like fun even if Mags didn't get into it as much as you'd hoped. Next year will be awesome.
I love the snowman!

Tiffany said...

Well, at least you two looked so dang cute in your snow hats! and that was a Rockin Snowman!! :)


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