Monday, December 17, 2007

My class has some questions for you, Big GUY!

If you've ever tried to teach kindergarteners you've found out, they have no idea what a question is! Last year after Officer Friendly's presentation he mad the mistake of asking "Does anyone have a question?" Hands went up but the "questions" were only things like "I got new shoes." "My uncle is in jail." "I want to drive your police car." "I have 3 dogs." etc.
This year, I spent a week working with the kids on what a question is. They finally got it! We wrote this question letter to Santa in celebration. Only problem is, I told them that Santa would probably write back. If you know the answers to any of these questions, please post them. I'm especially concerned with how his reindeer fly. Any ideas?


Brian Holdaway said...

I know for certain, from an old Dr. Demento Christmas radio program, that reindeer eat veggie plates (olives, pickles, scallions, celery, and carrot sticks). Two of those questions are intrinsically linked: Santa stays warm because he is so fat, and he got so fat because he needed to stay warm (and I think his secret is eating donuts--at least that is how I would get so fat). Now don't quote me on this, it's totally hearsay, but the North Pole is home to lots of pixies, and their dust is everywhere, so with a little pixie dust and some happy thoughts, those reindeer can go for hours on end!

Sarah said...

Megs, that just brought back a bean museum flash back..."Do you have any questions about this turtle?"...."Once my mom saw a really big cougar!"....I finally started saying "Does anyone have a question? A question starts with Who, What, Where etc....". Although that didn't actually fix the problem- but I think it helped! Good luck with the Santa questions...I have no idea how he does anything!

k said...

Reindeer fly exactly the same way airplanes do, except without wings and engines. This is absolutely true.

Brian has missed something: enough Christmas Cookies and milk in one night to live on for three years. Stored as fat.

Sleigh - red with white ermine trim.

Ginna said...

I wish you would come and teach my primary kids how to ask questions. They have lots of good "questions" during primary that take 10 min to get through!!
I have no idea how reindeer fly, but obviously my mom does!!

The Dynamic Trio said...

How hilarious! Those questions are cerative, dang! lol. My favorite is, "How did you get so fat?" lol. Kida are amazing. The answer to that would be "Dear Child, I get fat because i eat all of your DELICIOUS cookies and treats you leave me!!"

k said...

Okay, elves: what they do for fun—since elves live at the north pole, sometimes they play weird games with compasses, blind folding each other and seeing who gets lost. But they spend a lot of time dreaming of beaches, because we never value what we have as much as people do who don't have what we have. Like people who live on beaches dream of skiing and sledding.

He only buys stuff at stores when he's late, and an elf has caught the flu and a child is so important, he just has to get the toy, even if it was made by Mattel.

He does not ice skate. I mean, come on - consider the consequences. But the reindeer do.

Santa definitely uses a tailor. One in the south of Greenland, which is really a very cold place and so very educated as to the proper cut and fabric for Latvian style flying suits.

The Tuck Family said...

Wyatt is going to Honduras San Pedro Sula Mission...he just went into the MTC yesterday...rough but exciting day for everyone! I hope you are enjoying the season and have all your shopping done! Merry Christmas!

Joanna said...

hey Meg! Your Mom gave my Mom your info at Kristin's party! LOVE your blog! I'm certain that Santa's favorite color is red... but this is out of necessity because if his favorite color were white then no one would ever find him in all the snow. and yes, he has broken a tree, lots actually. He is just magic so if he breaks a tree or a toy coming down the chimney he uses his magic to fix it! Hope that helps! Merry Christmas!


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