Sunday, December 23, 2007

Is This Becoming a Pattern?

So, Thanksgiving night I had my head in the toilet and this morning I had to step out of Relief Society to put my head in the toilet as well. So, am I to expect that for each major holiday I'll be puking? If so, that's not something I'm up for. Help!


Ohio Rasmussens said...

Is it the flu or something else....hmmm? ;-)Hopefully it clears FAST! Merry Christmas!

Camie said...

I hope you get feeling better... no fun. I think that the jewelery from your students are so cute, how funny! Also, if you ever want my Child Developement Class responds to my friends 1st grader letters to Santa, so if you ever want them to respond to your students just let me know. It is something the students look forward to every year, they just act like Santa's elves and talk about the North Pole, the reindeer, etc. Just let me know if you ever want them to write to your class :).

k said...

Actually, holidays can result in some pretty heavy underlying anxieties and stresses - especially people whose parents have made such a soaring huge deal out of them over the years - that's a hard act to follow. If the stress doesn't have you tossing cookies, it will at least lower your resistance to illness.

And here's a strange thing - Murphy and Char and our friend Brent - all seemed to come down with some weird thing in the last week - like feeling awfuller than ever - and it only lasted one night and was gone in the morning!!

Hope it was gone quick for you!!


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