Sunday, December 23, 2007

8th Annual Christmas Diddy

My dear friend Joanna Libutti came through with another amazing Christmas party. The food was outstanding (I think I basically camped out at the shrimp dip table). The invitation was darling (she's a flippin' graphic designer which makes me jealous). And the social interaction was fun!
Tiff was there which was so fun since she now lives in Missoura and I haven't seen her in 5 months. But sadly she had to cut out early and take care of sick (and sad!) baby Nathan.
McKenna, my soon-to-be-lawyer best friend, was there as well. Basically we sat in the corner (by the shrimp dip) and laughed about how funny we are. I don't know if anybody understands just how hilarious we truly are. At least we understand.
Maggie and Genevieve played together but wouldn't sit still long enough for me to get a good shot. Check Vhari's blog later because she got some good ones. The girls were hamming it up for Vhar, but not me.

Cute Logan just sat there smiling the entire time until his parents had to take him home to get him a fresh pair of britches. Good work on that kid Tiff and Josh. He wins the prize for most photogenic and pleasant child. Oh and he wasn't actually sitting at that angle. I just am too lazy to turn my picture around I suppose.

It is wild that its been 8 years since we all graduated from high school and we still get together. With Dave in CA for optometry school, Chris at Stanford getting a PHd, Tiff and Steve in Missouri at Med School, Sarah in ITALY...etc. etc. we don't get together as much as we used to. But its so fun when we do, especially when I'm as funny as I was last night. Just kidding. See what I mean? Funny.

My sweet parents even let us drop Maggie off when she was tired and then we went back for some more laughs and shrimp dip (not Dan though--he's allergic, poor boy). Good times. I'm already looking forward to next year, Jo!


Ginna said...

I'm jealous, that sounds like fun and so nice to get together with everyone! Merry Christmas!!

Sarah said...

Thanks for the post. I am so sad that I missed the party. You know I would have been camped by the food all night too. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Buon Natale!

Evenson Fam said...

How fun! You guys are pretty funny... So do you know if Chelsea is home from her mission yet?

Tiffany said...

Dang-that is a good pic of you and me! I was so sad I couldn't come back to play... I cried all night. Nate is feeling better though-so that's a relief! I wish I could have listened to the 2 funnies in the corner- (you and Ken) that would have made my night!

k said...

Just another weird moment, once again realizing that you guys are growing up and taking over the real world. I remember back when we did that.

Could the tossed cookies have much to do with shrimp camping?


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