Monday, October 8, 2007

My Baby's Sick!

Poor Maggie! She was chipper and perky and fine yesterday but about an hour after we put her down for the night she started whimpering every once in awhile. Then she woke up and was all congested and sad! She wanted to suck on her binky so bad...but her head was so stuffed up she couldn't breathe when she sucked on it. In the end, no matter how much we rocked her or held her or fed her bottles or tylenol the girl wouldn't sleep. So, Dan and I slept in shifts. We both got up with her from 1:30-2:15. Then I got up with her again from 3:00-4:00. Then Dan got up with her about 5:30.

In the morning, she was cranky and sad and didn't want to be held. But she didn't want me to put her down. She didn't want to eat bananas, or bread and jam, or cereal, or crackers, or juice, or milk. Finally, she went down for a nap at about 10:15. So, I madly dashed about prepping for school and writing my lesson plan for my principal to observe me. (P.S. The observation went well and my Principal's remarks were GLOWING much to my relief and pleasure--she wrote "Excellent teaching! Mt. View is LUCKY to have you!" You need to hear that kind of stuff when you're sleep deprived and stressed out).

Anyway, bless Dan's mom's heart for watching Maggie for us even when she's sick and grouchy. I called the doctor to see if I could drug Maggie in any way but after sitting on hold for 25 minutes....(NO EXAGGERATION) they told me that really all I could do was give her saline nose drops and suction out her nostrils. Which I've already been doing and Mags HATES IT! This afternoon Maggie was pleasant until Dan woke her up from her nap...then it was grumpy mc-grumpster all over again.
She did crack up, however, when we started doing really spazy dances to my piano that has a song repertoire of 40, including "Danny Boy". And then she began racing around the house putting things into her new purse that Joe-Beffy gave her for her birthday. That was our family night activity.

Why is it that when your child is sick and ornery you realize just how much you love them? I love Maggie every day of the week but right now I'm stressing double time over how I can make her comfortable and happy. There isn't anything I wouldn't do for her. Being a mother is the most difficult and wonderful thing in the world. I am amazed that even though it doesn't feel like it comes all that naturally to be a homemaker and take care of a family, loving your baby with your whole soul is never a worry.


Bryce said...

awee megs I am sorry that your little one is sick. Bailey gets sick A LOT! She just got over her bout of pneumonia this winter, So I know alot of tricks. Email me on facebook if you want to know some of them!

I hope she gets better soon! and congrats on the teaching review thing

Denae said...

NO my brother doesn't read your blog but he WAS signed in last so that comment was from me!

Tiffany said...

Nathan woke up sick today too. I don't think he's as bad as Mags...but when he woke 4 times last night I thought something was up. I sure hope Maggie feels better soon! and good job on your evaluation!!! Oh--I loved the pics of Dan and Maggie! Too funny! :)

Erica said...

YUCK! I despise when my kids are sick. I was thinking that maybe for the stuffyness you could have a humidifier in her room, not sure if you did that or not, but just a suggestion. It totally helps my kids when they can't even breathe to suck on their binky. I hope she is starting to feel better...

You're such a wonderful mother, Maggie is lucky to have you and Dan. And congrats on your review from your prinicpal! YAY!

Ginna said...

ohhh, it's the worst when the little ones are sick! I'm so sorry. Is she doing better now? I think the hardest thing is when they can't sleep at night and then we can't sleep either, it makes for tough days following.
You're such a fabulous mommy.

Brian Holdaway said...

It seems that with our kids they always get sick at two really important times during the year: their birthdays and General Conference. And when those happen to coincided (like with my older boy) ah! Oh well, such it is. Insta-cares seem rather busy at those times.


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