Sunday, October 14, 2007

Husband of the Year

This weekend was supposed to be jam packed full of responsibilities. We were going to go to the temple Friday afternoon because we hadn't been in too long. So, the plan was to drop off Maggie at Joel and Beth's Friday afternoon and then run to the temple and make it back in time for Ginna (an old friend who's really more like a cousin) to come over around 7. And then Saturday I had 3+ hours of YW volleyball to score and a cousin's baby shower, a Utah football game and tailgating party, and a bunch of kindergarten assessments to record. That was how it was supposed to be. But this is how it turned out:

  • We dropped off Maggie at Joel and Beth's as previously decided, but instead of driving up 8th North to get to the Provo temple, Dan headed to Center Street. I smacked the dashboard with my fist and called him an idiot for going the wrong way. But when he pulled onto South-bound I-15 instead of heading east on Center, I thought it was too dumb for words! I am, afterall, the time Nazi. And his costly navigating mistakes were too much to handle. Then he informed me that we were going to the temple, but the St. George temple not Provo. I opened the glove box as Dan instructed me, and there was our travel itinerary. We would be staying in Cedar City at a hotel Friday night, going to dinner, and relaxing poolside. Then Saturday we would go to the St. George temple, shop at the outlets, catch lunch at Bajio, and drive into VEGAS for the BYU vs. UNLV FOOTBALL GAME!
  • Initially I freaked out! But Dan had taken care of everything. He had packed clothes for Maggie and arranged for Joel and Beth to watch her for a day and then my parents to watch her and take her to church with them. He had packed all our clothes and toiletries. He had called and canceled all of my church responsibilities. He had emailed my cousins in Vegas and arranged for us to sleep over on Saturday night. The man had taken care of everything. All I had to do was try not to cry as I took in all of his thoughtfulness. I had never had anybody do anything so sweet for me before in my life! I know he must be crazy about me because not only did he go out of his way to plan the ultimate surprise but he also missed a home Ute football game. What a guy!

Here are our highlights from the game:

We got our game faces on first thing!

We were just so thrilled to be at Sam Boyd Stadium that we didn't care how bad our seats sucked! We were on the second to last row and for some reason, the top bleachers were just cheap rickity temporary bleachers like you'd sit on at a parade or a t-ball game. People kept dropping their beers, coats, keys, stadium seats, and even strollers through the slats. Oh, and we were crammed in there so thick there was no getting out.Now the very best thing about our seats was the fact that LaFawnduh and Kip were sitting right in front of us. I'm not kidding you. The nerdiest sweetest little guy in the world was cheering for UNLV with his voluptuous lady friend. The few times that "Kip" actually spoke at the game he sounded so much like Kip in the movie I expected him to break into a new verse of "I Love Technology." LaFawnduh spent the entire game going on beer runs. She shimmied in and out of the rows the whole game. Infact for her last run she stood up and questioned the entire section "I'M GETTING SOME BEER. DOES ANYBODY NEED ANYTHING? NOBODY? NOBODY? long as you're sure." This picture was the best I could do. I tried several times. Oh, and all I had was my camera phone.

I bought a new blue shirt at the Old Navy store in St. George. Dan wore blue, too. Dan hadn't lost his voice yet by half time. At the U games he's always horse 5 minutes into the game. Oh well, I won't fault him for still loving the U more. I was so pleased he was making effort to cheer the Cougs.

After the game ended... Dan and I hopped down onto the field to catch some of the post game action. We chilled with Cosmo and had him sign our mini football for Maggie.

And finally, I got to run with the big Y flag that the cheerleaders use. All year at the U games I've been telling Dan that their flag guys just don't do it right. Nobody runs a flag like our BYU guys. So, it meant a lot for me to actually have a go at it. I'm a natural, don't ya think?

I'm sad to report that after the game we put away our cell phones and didn't snap any other shots. So I have no pictures of my wicked sweet aunt and uncle or my rockstar cousins Paul, Liz, and Whigidy Whit. I also have nothing to post of my brilliant brother Cam who drove down from Provo with Paul. Just know that while they are not pictured...I'm obsessed with these people. The weekend rocked and my husband has secured the world wide title of "Husband of the Year."


The Dynamic Trio said...

yea!! This is SOO cute! Dan is so great, i knew he was doing it and couldn't WAIT for "the post" to hear all about it! You are SOO beautiful Meg. And and that picture of you and the flag...AWESOME! You are absolutely ADORABLE...end of story!

and P.S. Was that NOT the MOST amazing game! I LOVE it when the Cougs beat's the BEST. aaaand i'm so glad Unga got that touchdown at the end..he FULLY deserved it! SO glad you guys had fun! :)

vhari said...

Megs, Dan is SO cool! You are a very lucky woman! That's my dream. You guys looked like you had so much fun!

Ginna said...

I think your husband may be in serious contention for the Best Husband Ever award. That sounds like so much fun that I don't even mind that I didn't get to see you.
And what a man to take you to a BYU game when he's a Ute fan. Man, when I read that tears welled up in my eyes. And not only that, but BYU WON!! YAY!
(unlike the game we drove to Tulsa for and it was awful)
So anway, way fun and we'll see each other soon enough I'm sure. :)

Tiffany said...

So fun, what a thoughtful husband! I love the picture of you holding the flag, you are a natural. Go Cougs!

Erica said...

totally just emailed my husband this post with the words "CUTE!!!..." in the header...wonder if he'll get the hint...wonder even more if he'll read the comments...hi hon... :)

so WAY TO GO DAN!! i think you just scored major points with all the women of the world! Looks liek you guys had a blast. Megan you look great!

Stew Ras Gang said...

Dan will have to give Stew some pointers! ;0) I am so jealous that you not only got to go to the game but you also got to hang out with some of my favorite people ever! Way to go Dan!

Evenson Fam said...

that sounds like so much fun... you guys are cute. so tyler does know your cousins from fresno as i'm sure they know the Evenson boys. he said they are a pretty cool family. next time you are in st george you should come see us.

Jenae said...

Totally inspiring story! Why don't we all do things like this more often for our spouses?!!! Way to go Dan! So so fun.

Tiffany said...

Gosh-that is so great! Something you definitely deserved Megs! Good Job Dan- you won the hearts of all of us! (I'll also be making sure Steve reads this!) Lol I'm so glad you had a fun weekend!! You are one hot mama Megs- you seriously are so cute! Miss you! xxoo

Kristalyn said...

From the few times that I met Dan, I would have to say that this doesn't surprise me...but I am totally impressed! That just sounds like the best weekend ever...I'm glad that you guys had so much fun! :)

Troop 310 said...

The whole time I was at that game I kept looking behind us at the lady that is shown standing behind us in the first picture on the blog. I kept looking at her because I knew that I knew her from somewhere, but I couldn't remember. I racked my brain all night and all I could picture was her sitting behind a desk somewhere, making snide comments to me. I even asked her where she was from to try to remember her. She said she was from Orem, so I pretty much realized that I don't really know her. I figured I must be mistaking her for a school teacher or coach or something. When we got home I opened my high school year book, and lo and behold, there she was!! I thought she was, Mrs. Jeanine Wagstaff, my 12th grade Physics teacher who used to sit at her pulpit in the classroom and make fun of me all during class!! It was all in good humor and went both ways, but I had totally forgotten about her. It was nice to have a memory refresher that made me cherish some high school experiences and then be grateful that I have successfully moved on and life is wonderful. sorry this is so long.

Jenny Groberg said...

Oh my gosh I hurt from laughing! I can't believe Dan was able to plan all of that and even remember the baby! Awesome. Darren's also a U fan and I'm a Coug, so it does create a little conflict. What a guy to even cheer for BYU. Ok, so the Kip & LawFandah (sp?) story.. I thought you were probably exaggerating until I saw the picture. Pictures are worth a thousand words and you were right on. LOL

k said...

Yeah - not that Dan messed up OUR Friday night! We were supposed to go to Levi Belnap's reception. But NO. WE had to hang out with GINNA!!!!! I think this is the coolest husband thing I've ever heard of. One time, for my birthday, Guy and the kids conspired to put together a little run down to Disneyland - as a surprise. The only hint I got was Murpy saying "I can't talk to you about Disneyland," But he was only about three.


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