Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Overheard in Kindergarten

I was talking with Dan, and he reminded me that I spend 5 hours a day at school and then another 3 hours each day, thinking, talking, planning, or otherwise involved with Kindergarten in some capacity. So, he said that maybe I should write a little more about school. My mom taught kindergarten for twenty-some-odd years and she could have written books about all of the hilarious things that come out of kids mouths. We still talk about most of them like we were there. So, I've decided that this year, when I have those crack up moments at school, I'm gonna write them down. Here's a few:
Zach: I can actually fart with my mouth
Bailey: That's gross.
Zach: No, it's not. It's so not. It's very much cool.

Kylee: Sid is my boyfriend.
Bailey: You have a boyfriend? So, are you gonna join the club?
Kylee: What club?
Bailey: The "I have a boyfriend club."
Kylee: Oh that one. I'm already in it.

And, finally, we count all the days of kindergarten and everytime we get to a number that has a zero at the end, "Zero Hero" (a stuffed animal creature with zeros all over him) comes and brings us a treat shaped like a zero. Yesterday it was a lifesaver. Anyway, Zero Hero helped me teach my math lesson by "whispering" in my ear everything that I needed to do or say. The kids cracked up. But afterward, I had this conversation:

Max: Teacher, why isn't Zero Hero real?
Me: Real? He's real! He was talkin' to me!
Max: I guess I mean, why isn't he human?

Well, that's it for this week, but stay tuned: there will be more I'm sure!


Rochelle said...

That is SO funny! I especially like the boyfriend club one. Please do this regularly... it was awesome!

Ginna said...

Awesome. Kids are soooo funny. Yesterday Max told me that he didn't want any potatos or callipiters on his hamburger. I was like, What?!?
I'd love to see more of this stuff!!

MEGAN said...

callipiter hamburger. That's a good one. I'll have to try that, I'm sure Dan would eat it. He eats anything.

Tiffany said...

Lol- too funny. Great idea for a blog!! I look forward to more!

Macbeth Bunch said...

Thanks Megs. It's so fun to hear these stories. It totally brightens my day. My mom works in kindergarden and she sometimes tells me some of the crazy things that happen. They do Zero the Hero too, except it's the janitor who dresses up as a Zoro sort of zero and he comes in and does something with zeros. My mom said that all of the kids were debating about whether or not he was real. Some were so convinced he was real and others were like no, no it's Mr. Giles.

Kristalyn said...

This was such a funny post! The things these kids say are so hiliarious.


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