Monday, September 3, 2007

Hurray for Swiss Days!

Every year come August the estrogen levels in the Williams women begins to rise as they contemplate the upcoming Swiss Days Festivities and the joys it will bring. Sadly, our dear Courtney, the one who reminds us that leaving at the crack of dawn is what's best for us, couldn't make the trip from Colorado to join us. We had more than one moment of silence in her behalf. Because the "Williams secret recipe of Swiss Days success" has been tested over the last 16 years, we have it down to a science. We must leave no later than 6:30 am Saturday Morning in order to sail into a diagonal parking space in the block just west of the square and be there just as the booths are beginning to open. This year the dolts who were parking when we arrived were parallel parking, so we pulled in diagonally to set a good example seeing how you can park a hecka lot more folks diagonally than you can parallel. Sadly, our example didn't catch on.

This year Mom, Beth, Tia, and I were in attendance. No Courtney as mentioned before. Mom thinks its best not to mention Swiss days to those who miss out. But any hard core Swiss Days fan has an internal calendar that knows when Swiss Days rolls around. For example, on my mission I always had to say "Okay, I missed Swiss Days, spill! Who went? What did you buy?" Because Mom wouldn't mention it to me otherwise, I suppose out of respect.

This year we found a lot of good stuff! There were the usual hundred stalls of dried flowers in old windows and a bunch of really foul dresses that looked like they were from 1983. Mom asked if she had ever looked like that. I had to tell her yes and remind her of the dress she had made and stenciled all our names around the hem. I did, however, assure Mom that she looks nothing like that now. She's stylin'. And I suppose really, that she was stylin' then. But luckily fashions change.

We supported Tia in her decision to buy a $110 Nativity from the Gourd Ladies. It was awesome and we figure it makes up for the fact that she spent all of $5 during her first 2 years of Swiss Days combined. I bought a sweet Christmas tree collage of sorts made out of fabric. Mom bought one as well.
I also bought some Halloween blocks that said "Trick or Treat" and had a spider web and a jack-o-lantern. We almost lost our breakfast when we saw a rather large woman with a wedgie that almost swallowed her entire pair of knit shorts. It was intense. But even that disturbing image couldn't ruin our experience. Beth and I went nuts over the cutest little girl shoes with polka dots all over them and some of them even had little squeakers in the heels so when our munchkins walk we could hear them. But we just couldn't justify paying 30 dollars for shoes when our own Target footwear rarely runs over $20. We also died over the most darling little dresses with aprons made from vintage linins. They were $89 which is more than 9 times over the budget Joel allows for Clara's clothing. But the dresses were the most adorable things ever created!

We finished off the day with a chocolate dipped strawberry shake, onion rings, and a train burger from Dairy Keen "Home of the Train" in Heber. Then we headed home with our fabulous purchases and our heads dancing with images of the things we didn't buy, but want to copy. Wish us luck in that endeavor.


Ginna said...

ohhhhhh, wish I could've come. I think I only got to go with you once, but that was sure fun!
Good luck with the copying. I always think I'm going to copy stuff and never actually do it, but don't follow my bad example. Do it!!

Rochelle said...

So, I'm reading this and the names Tia and Beth keep sticking out in my head... and I'm wondering if they could possibly be the Roskelley sisters. My long lost friends. Then it dawns on me that Beth married your brother (of course!) and I get this overwhelming rush of childhood memories from the days of Dixon Middle School, Westridge Elementary and some of my oldest friends in the world! Thanks for bringing those memories to the front of my mind today! I've never been to Swiss Days, but it looks like a lot of fun!

Tiffany said...

I missed Swiss Days too this year- sad. You'll have to tell me about your cute ideas so I can do them too! Although I can say I was never there when the booths opened, it's still so fun to go!

k said...

I remember the one time I went with your mom - it was SO GREAT. When IS Swiss days, anyway? I always miss it. Probably labor day, huh? Like, just as I was getting mowed down by an SUV. Hmmmm - should have gone to Heber instead.

MEGAN said...

We almost got mowed down by SUVs as well, though. The parking situation is so not cool. :-)


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