Saturday, August 25, 2007

Ward Campout

Dan and I have been battling the worst stomach bug in creation. We haven't dared stray far from a toilet for the past 7 days. But Thursday night, on our one week virus anniversary we were feeling better and decided we'd definitely go to the ward camp out the next day in celebration. With the highlight of the celebration being a dinner from Bajio's--our favorite place! Dan was so excited about Bajio's Friday that he had to call me at school just to tell me that he'd been thinking of rice and beans ALL DAY. Good, good, I told him. Then I threatened him that if he went there for lunch without me he'd be sorry. Luckily he's nice and he wouldn't have dreamed of it.

Well, we stopped off in South Ogden and picked up our bean and cheese burritos and then headed over to Morgan to the camp out. Only problem was we didn't know where to go. After awhile we called Layne, Dan's old scout leader, boss, and friend for directions. He told us where to go but after a couple of wrong turns that took us up a dirt road we had to call Layne again. After awhile we got there and were a little surprised to see a very poor showing from the ward. Our burritos were also disappointing: no sauce, no cheese, no rice. Just beans. A little on the bland side. But Maggie enjoyed it. And we didn't have to make a potty run all night!

We stayed up talking and visiting with the small group of campers until 10, thinking that if Maggie were exhausted, getting her to sleep without her crib would be easier. But we were wrong. After she'd crawled over every surface in our tent 17 times we thought we'd do her bedtime routine again--it couldn't hurt! Dan was saying the good night prayer and said, "Please bless that Maggie will calm down and fall asleep so she can get a good night's rest." And Maggie, bless her, laughed at him. It was so funny that we broke out in giggles right during the prayer. Maggie's laugh was so priceless. It was like, "Yeah, right. Good one, Dad!" Eventually Dan had an idea, ran to the car, got the car seat, and strapped her in it. Forced to sit still, Maggie soon drifted off to dream land and her exhausted parents got some shut eye, too. All in all, a hilarious adventure.
p.s. if any of you are surprised to see me wearing a Utah sweatshirt, you may also be surprised to see Dan wearing something from the Gap. We are working on trying new things and keeping an open mind in our marriage.
p.p.s. That picture of Maggie is the best we could do. She wouldn't stay still and our camera is not so good at action shots.


David Kristalyn & Family said...

That is so sad about the burritos!! I'm glad that you guys were able to go camping though...and good idea about the car's so hard to get them to sleep when that's not what they want to be doing! :)

Ginna said...

Bajio's is delicious. Too bad that when the craving hits us we're 18 hrs away.
Our first camping trip with Max was similar to this--he crawled around the entire time until he finally fell asleep, and then he wouldn't stay in his covers--he slept on top of his pillow the entire night and I didn't get any sleep, afraid he would freeze. Ridiculous.
Glad you feel better, nothing's more miserable than a ward camping trip with the stomach flu. Yuck.

Jenae said...

I must admit that I had to turn away from the computer screen when I saw you wearing a Ute sweatshirt Megan, especially considering that football season begins this week. Bret as disappointed tonight to discover that Dan is a Ute fan...maybe someday Dan will see the light. Thanks for the camping story, totally hilarious and yes, thank goodness for car seats!


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