Thursday, August 23, 2007

Fang and More School Drama

Once again, Maggie has proven her unusual abilities. This time, by sprouting a new tooth. A fang. My mother blames it on my recent obsession with the Twilight book series about a girl who falls in love with a vampire. I've read 2 of the 3 books in the series during the last couple of weeks and now I can't wait to devour the third. Who knows, maybe the vampire fever passed on to Maggie through my breast milk. Anyway, this brings the tooth count up to 4--3 on the bottom, 1 fang on the top. This adds a new element of danger to nursing Maggie. Before a bite was painful, but now with Maggie's newly developed Vampire powers and thirst for blood it could be deadly. Hopefully she'll be weaned in the next couple of months.

In other news, school preparations are in FULL SWING. School starts Wednesday but we have prep. time this week. My bulletin board is still in the lead as far as cuteness is concerned. Although, I may be biased. Jill still hasn't finished her's. Now I am working on putting my kids' names on everything: folders, binders, cubbies, crayons, name tags, pocket charts, etc. It would be fine if the class stayed the same. But every day they add somebody else. And sometimes they take somebody out. So no matter how hard you work at preparing things for all your students there will inevitably be one student who gets added to your class at the last second. Like last year when I had "Bronco's" father following me around on the first day saying, "Bronco doesn't have a pencil box. Bronco doesn't have a cubby. Bronco doesn't have a folder. Bronco doesn't have crayons." It was just hard to be prepared for the kid when I found out about him after he arrived. I wanted to tell the dad, "If Bronco still doesn't have stuff next week, then complain about it."

Yesterday they added a darling little girl to my class that only speaks Spanish. Then the whole office had an argument about whether or not they speak Spanish in Hungary--they were trying to figure out how I learned Spanish on my mission. They were still confused when I told them that I didn't learn Spanish on my mission, I learned Hungarian. Anyway, I met the new student and her father and carried on a wonderful conversation in Spanish and everyone seemed relieved that I had some Spanish skills even if they didn't know how I'd gotten them. Hopefully my conversational Spanish will somewhat bridge the language gap in class this year.


Denae said...


Ashleys little boy Xander has a fang also.. and we thought he was so unique ;)

Hopefully Bronco got all his stuff worked out!

I would LOVE to have you as a teacher or teach my girls.. you are fabulouso!

Macbeth Bunch said...


Sarah told me how you can actually comment on people's blogs. Gosh I'm retarded. I didn't even know people had commented on my blog awhile back. Maggie is so cute! I love the fang! I wish I could see your classroom I bet it is super cute!

Erica said...

That is the funniest picture! I loooooove the twilight series...go EDWARD!

Erica said...

So I just saw your comment on my blog...I'd totally give you a discount if you wanted me to do them for you now :) email me if you want to know the cost :) I can't post it here...

David Kristalyn & Family said...

That is so funny that Maggie has a fang....especially with the Twilight series on your brain! :) I wish that we lived closer, I would totally lend you Eclipse. I was going to get it from the library...but I saw that there were 102 holds on 16 books...within a 40 mile radius and I gave in. Let me know when you read it, I'd love to discuss it with you! :)

Ginna said...

That is one seriously frightening fang. I had that problem with Max too--luckily he never drew blood, but I know my mom has a story about Char drawing blood once.....youch!
I just finished New Moon. Those are fun books. The really funny thing is though that I bought the first one before I realized the author was LDS! I guess that's what happens when you don't live in UT, nobody told me about the books and I had to find out on my own. It was a pleasant surprise.
Anyway, watch out for those fangs!

Rochelle said...

My little girl had the double fangs for awhile... it's so funny how random teeth come in! I love your bulletin board! You have got to be the best teacher ever! It's so fun to catch up and read about your family! :)


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