Thursday, September 6, 2007

Turning 200,000

Our beloved '94 Honda has been a trusted friend for about 2 years now. So, you can imagine our excitement when we realized she was about to hit the 200,000 mile mark. Dan began surveying his friends (via Facebook) for suggestions of where he should be driving when the 9's turned to 0's. We finally decided on Labor Day that we should just get in the car and go. We piled in the Accord and drove to the Layton Walmart.

It was Dan's suggestion that we buy "The Blue Danu-be" some gifts. We wandered up and down the automotive aisles looking for a special something to show our friend our appreciation. We eventually settled on some armor-all cleaning wipes and an oil treatment that promised to fix the oil leak we've had for over a year.

Dan couldn't wait to try out the "money back guarantee" that was only written in Spanish. So, he poured in the concoction in the parking lot while I swabbed the dash and windows with our new glass and interior cleaning wipes. The car never looked so good. Okay, maybe it has once or twice since we've owned it. Sadly, she's been a little neglected in the car-wash department. With 13 miles still to go, we headed back toward home but stopped to use our free Slurpee and Big Gulp coupons at 7-11. We drove to a park in Centerville and watched a gigantic dog play fetch. Dogs scare me so I was a little on edge because the dog was so dang huge! Maggie used her new-found straw sucking skills to down that Slurpee. She loved it!!

We were pretty pumped when we realized that our trip was going to work out perfectly. We were about 10 miles from home and 10 miles from our goal milage. We cruised around the Bountiful Temple and were on our way down the hill to our homestead when the dashboard lights killed! Cruel world! We were smacking the dashboard hoping to revive it, but to no avail! So we drove in darkness, hoping that we hadn't missed the ceremonial milage switch. We stopped in front of our house and turned on the overhead light: 199,999.9. We cruised in the driveway and watched it turn: 200,000. Perfect.


Tiffany said...

Wow! Good job Honda for making the big 200,000 mark!! None of my cars have ever made it that far- I always seem to crash them before they get the chance.

Rochelle said...

What a clever little post! How cruel for the lights to go out! We're thinking of settling down in the Bountiful area after we're done here... will you e-mail and tell me why we should or shouldn't? Thanks!

Erica said...

You're hillarious!! Such a fun idea and loved the post! How's school going?

Ginna said...

Wow, what a honda. That's like all our cars, but we haven't quite made it to over 200,000 in any of them, we've gotten close and then sold them. I think that Honda definitely deserved a party, so good for you for throwing it.
And Maggie is absolutely adorable. Period.

k said...

I LOVE this story. It's perfect. (See - you achieve perfection ALL the time). I couldn't have written it better if I'd sat down to work it into a book. One thing I've always loved about you is the way you take delight in the absurdities and details. You're going to do all right, kid -


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