Friday, January 13, 2012

Stuff that Happened in 2011

One thing I regret about the last year is that most of the blog posts I wrote were in my head and not actually on the internets. So, here are some cool things that happened that I never was able to blog about.
First, We got chickens. 3 ladies and 1 dude. They're afraid of everything. They smell bad. But their eggs are delicious and they are really fun pets. We like them a lot. They are still unnamed. The only one that I know for sure is that one of the girls is named Fredette. I think the rooster should be named Tony Danza cuz he's the boss. But we're still not sure. Let me know your name recommendations.
Second, I went to another awesome year of girls' camp. The theme this year was "Your Happily Ever After" from the Elder Uchtdorf talk of the same name. Each ward was assigned a Disney Princess and we got Tiana. So we were frog princessing it up the whole week. There was a castle building contest and ours turned out pretty rad. I'm still proud of it 6 months later.

Third, For father's Day, we gave Dan breakfast in bed. I was pretty proud of those pancakes. One of the bowls on the tray looks like it has coleslaw in it. I honestly don't remember what it was. But I'm pretty sure it wasn't coleslaw.

Fourth, My pal Hillary got married. It was so wonderful. She was gorgeous. He was darling. And it was an awesome party. I even danced the electric slide with the bride--it probably helped that I drank about 5 diet cokes with dinner so I had plenty of energy.  Hillary has been such a wonderful friend to me for a million years. I actually cried hugging her and her mom goodbye. Sometimes I wish I could be 15 again sitting in Hillary's living room laughing with her family. Love those people.

And last but not least, Maggie learned how to play an egg slicer like a violin. She was endlessly pleased with herself.


My Oatmeal Kisses said...

I love the chickens! I think you should name them all french names so they can be your three french hens, (like Antionette, Bernadette, or even just Frenchy). I also love the egg cutter violinist, is she giving lessons?

jww said...

Those are some great things!!! I love the castle. You're totally right--it DID rock. Wow. I like the last comment about 3 French hens, especially because it fits in with Fredette. You HAVE TO have one named Fredette. I have to say, I like "Tony Danza" as well. :)

Anna said...

Tony Danza is perfect. Do it! And, oh my how adorable is the egg slicer violin?! Looks like you need to get that girl a real instrument!

K said...

Life can be amazingly exciting. All it takes is an aggregate of magical small things. I do not have chickens. I am the only one I know who doesn't. Send Mags to the studio when she gets good enough.

EmmaP said...

what a great year!

I know I don't have little kidlets anymore, but one thing I would LOVE to ready about would be all the fun things you do in your preschool for the week -- even pics... maybe once a week? :)


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