Monday, December 19, 2011

A Wuggle Pet is Born

I wrote previously about Maggie's Wuggle Pet story, but here are the pictures of how the little purple bear came to life.

First you add the stuffing. If your mom isn't cheap then you will have the machine thing with a crank handle that will put the stuffing in for you. If your mom is cheap you'll have to do it by dang hand. Poor Maggie has a cheap mom.

Then you add sparkles! I like to think God added sparkles when he put me together.

Then you cram in all of these little pieces of paper that say personality traits. Maggie only picked nice ones to go in her wuggle pet and left out the ones like "sassy" and "wild" even though "sassy" and "wild" are traits that could perfectly describe Maggie herself on most days. But oh I love that girl!

At the end you get to add her name to the birth certificate and keep and cherish it forever. Welcome to the family, Starlee!
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EmmaP said...

Starlee! Such a cute name for a wuggle pet! (or whatever you called it.)


jww said...

That is so cute. And God DID add sparkles when he made you. I'm sure of it.


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