Monday, December 19, 2011

Maggie Turns 5!

After tossing around birthday party themes for a good 6 months, Maggie decided that a Pinkalicious party sounded like a good idea. I agreed. I found some really adorable party favor and cupcake topper downloads and that made things pretty simple.

The book is one of Maggie's favorites, and since eating a diet of green food cured the acute case of pinkitis, it seemed only right that we send guests home with some green stuff incase anybody overdosed on pink. Luckily no one did. Though many tried.

Being the center of attention and showered with gifts is one of Maggie's favorite past times. So she sure lived it up.

Aunt Megan is keeping up favorite aunt status by using her awesome cake decorating/baking skills for all the nieces and nephews birthdays. So cute, right!? And Maggie picked out the candles on top of the cake in February. So she's been waiting forever!

We didn't serve dinner at the party, but Dan had just returned from his fishing trip and couldn't wait to impress everybody with his fishing/grilling/marinating/awesome entertaining skillz. Oh man that fish was so good.

See? He knows he's awesome.

This book is Maggie's favorite thing ever! She's always pulling it out and asking to try out new recipes. Everything we've made from it is both cute and yummy.

And she finally got a pillow pet. It's a pillow... it's a pet... it's a pillow pet! Just don't tell her its an off-brand pillow pet knock off for 1/2 the price. [I just recently found out that my fake cabbage patch kids I got when I was 4 weren't even made by my mother but were picked up at Ream's Grocery Store. That was a hard pill to swallow. All these years I thought they were at least hand made....] 

Maggie put together this awesome birthday outfit. And she put on her own eyeshadow. So it was a really great day. A super great day. We love you Maggie, our little pink princess. You're so good at life!


jww said...

You do SUCH amazing birthday parties. I *love* the PINK! The cupcakes are gorgeous, and the take-home bags could not be more adorable. The Aunt Megan cake is pretty rockin', too, I must say. What a great birthday. She is looking so BIG to me, too!! Wow!

Dan and Emalee said...

So when the Sqeels turns one I might frantically call you for help!!! This is the cutest idea ever!!!!

K said...

Okay, so - will you plan MY birthday party?????

EmmaP said...

How fun! We have the fairy cookbook too! Kienna loved it when she was little. :)


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