Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween Zombie Bride

While on a thrift shopping excursion looking for Halloween-y things, I found this little lady. The clerk at check-out asked me if it was for a wedding, but I told him I had something else in mind for her.

Namely, this:

A light dusting of black spray paint, followed by some yellow zombie eyes and a trickle of blood from her ruby red lips made her the belle of the zombie ball.

 I normally don't get into the blood and gore side of Halloween, but I've really got a thing for this zombie. Cutest un-dead chick ever.


Hill Call said...

I feel like you should now find a way to work this into your Christmas tree ornament for your contest!

Beth said...

Such a fun craft. Good work.

Cherringtons said...

nicely done!!!

K said...


Amy said...

You are hilarious. I love it!


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