Thursday, October 6, 2011


Will said to me on Monday, "Mom, I wike He-Man, 'cause him got big muscles wike me."

I can totally see the resemblance. Also, I love my egocentric babe that says He-Man the master of the universe looks like him  and not that he looks like He-Man.

In other news, the twins have taken to calling each other Battle Cat. Its awesome. I love hearing them say "Battle Cat, let's go!" as they run around the house saving us all "by the power of grey skull".


jww said...

I love it, I love it, I love it.

The Willeyes said...

Oh, I love that. They are so dang cute :)

jelloyn said...

Megan -

I am lol right now..... tell Dan hello for me.

Love, Joellen

Sharlyn said...

Battle Cat, haha love it! I watched one of those old He man episodes on hulu one time. I laughed at how corny it was, although when we watched it as kids it didn't seem that way :)

MOMster said...

They're so cute!

Vhari said...

That is awesome! I absolutely love that they play He-Man. I wish I could hear them play.


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