Monday, July 18, 2011

Backyard Camping

A few weeks ago we planned to go on an overnight camping trip to a local canyon. However, Dan had to stay late to finish a project at work, and I became overwhelmed at the thought of packing up everything myself so that we could make it to a decent camp spot before dark.

Then I had a brilliant idea: Camp at home!

We took some retaining wall blocks that were waiting to be used in our backyard landscaping, and made ourselves a fire pit. 

We roasted hot dogs, drank shasta, and gorged ourselves on S'mores.

It was totally enjoyable and low-key. And completely relaxing--there was no rush. 
No panic if we forgot something. 

And when it got dark we bedded down on the grass and projected a movie on the side of the shed. Best camping trip ever.


brittney said...

sounds perfect. way to be flexible!

Sharlyn said...

You ARE brilliant! (but we ALL know that ;) )

Cheeseboy said...

My kids love camping at home. As do I. Real bathrooms.

Dan and Emalee said...

I love it! Your hair is getting so long! I love it tooo! Willy I miss you!

jww said...

That is AWESOME. That is my kind of camping, too.

K said...

It was always my practice to pack everything to eat except the actual hotdogs. It's a bummer to get up to the canyon and find that out. Every time you go. The backyard is SO much more convenient - and - JUST AS MUCH OUTSIDE>

The Willeyes said...

You are brilliant! I love that idea, and oh so much less stress :) You kids are getting SO big. Come visit soon! Miss you


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