Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Everybody Loves William

William is a golden child. Maggie dotes on him and lets him sleep in her bed every night. Coleman is constantly at his side and when he's not he's asking me, "Mom, where Willy go?" Will is hilarious, has an infectious laugh, and most of the time is a pretty easy going guy (just don't ever touch the food on his plate when he's eating).

Whenever he cracks me up, I'll call Dan and tell him, "Oh my gosh! Will is so cute!" And Maggie often remarks to me, "Mom, Will is so cute." Just today Will was being a clown in the back seat of the car and Coleman was cracking up. He said to me "Mom! Look at that guy! He so cute." So I guess it shouldn't surprise me that the fame has gone to his head. I realized that we might all dote on him a little much when he did something funny last night while I was putting his pajamas on and before I could say anything, he said "I SO CUTE!"

He is, though. so. darn. cute.


LL said...

SO CUTE!!!!!

Marilyn said...

Now you've done it. Next thing you know he'll be carrying around a pocket mirror and checking himself out in it all the time.

jww said...

I think that is so sweet!


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