Monday, April 11, 2011

Coleman's First [Actually Funny] Knock Knock Joke

Last night we took Coleman to the E.R. He'd been throwing up randomly for about 4 days (which actually is kind of normal for our boys who have overactive gag reflexes) but his constant whining about his "tummy hurt-ing" and lack of appetite and sleep was really concerning me. Last night it got so bad that he was just writhing in my arms. So we took advantage of Aunt Jill staying over and left sleeping Will and Mags with her while we went to the E.R. to see if he had appendicitis or a bowel blockage or any of the other maladies I read about on the internet symptom checker.

He was a champ. They gave him an I.V. and drew blood samples and he just winced and looked at me like "what are these guys doing to me?" but didn't cry! They did an x-ray of his tummy and everything looked okay. So they ended up giving us a few tablets of nausea medication and a gentle laxative to use in the morning (guess I'm on diaper duty!).

But my favorite part was on the way home, he started telling himself knock knock jokes in the back seat. So, I thought I'd join it.

"Knock knock, Coleman," I said.
"No knock knock Coleman! I not a door," was his witty reply.

I'm still laughing about it.


Beth said...

So sorry! I hope he feels better soon! I can only imagine your stress and worry!! Poor Meggie-Dan!

jww said...

LOL. That is funny. And I hope he feels better!! :(

Andrea said...

Hope he feels better soon!!!

K said...

kids and animals. It's hard enough to figure out what's wrong when you can talk about it.

My Oatmeal Kisses said...

He is funny even when he is sick! (He must be your son!) I hope he feels better soon!

Sharlyn said...

hugs to you and coleman, hope he's better soon!

Cheeseboy said...

Hope he is feeling better. That is a great joke, btw. I hear Jay Leno's spot might be opening up soon.

There is nothing worse than watching your own kids puke. At least for me. It is so heart aching.

Rob and Marseille said...

cute! And, we have experience w/ 2 & 1/2 yr old appendicitis. When Christopher had it he wouldn't walk around and when he did he wouldn't put any weight on his right foot. The Xray didn't show anything either, but it did show up on a cat scan. They were surprised because he let them push on his appendix area. Good luck!


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