Monday, March 7, 2011

X Box

I've been participating in a produce co-op called {Bountiful Baskets}. I love it. I pay $15 each week and pick up $40 worth of fruits and vegies. Its fun because its different each week, so we've tried a lot of different things from persimmons to pineapple, and sweet potatoes to collared greens.

One Saturday morning I returned home with my produce in a cardboard box that had an X on it. Maggie was thrilled. "You got an X Box, Mom!" she said.

I don't think she knows what a real X Box is, so cardboard sure made her day.


Kristy said...

LOVE Bountiful Baskets! We only did it in the summer. Is it good in the winter too? I should try it just to find out I guess!

Bebe McGooch said...

I just ordered my first basket this week! I'm so excited to see what I get.

jww said...

That's hysterical. The next time my boys ask me for an X Box, that's what I'm getting them. That is the best.

P.S. I know a couple of people who do Bountiful Baskets and LOVE it. Wish they had that all the way out here at the edge of the earth where I live.


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