Tuesday, November 23, 2010

An Artist Emerges

Maggie has become quite the artist. At any time of day she can be found happily scribbling in one of her many notebooks. Sometimes she "writes" a series of pretty impresses zigzags that can fill a whole page. Sometimes she will scribble and fill in the entire page with her black pen. But lately she's been actually drawing. As in, you can look at it and tell what it is.

Like this little number:

It's Maggie and her brothers on the swing set. See? Adorable! I can't get enough of this girl's work. And apparently neither can she. She's usurped the mother and sons story time I have with the boys at bedtime. The other night she was furiously working in her notebook telling us that she was writing a pirate story to read to her brothers. She finally finished and shared her adventurous tale with Will and Coleman. They didn't enjoy it nearly as much as I did. But then again, the only book they like is "The Napping House." If I try to read them something else they yell "No! Napping House!" until I relent and read it again.

As a girl that's always loved to read and write, it makes me so happy to see my kids enjoy it, too!


jww said...

That is really neat. I know what you mean about how happy it makes you--Belinda and Ethan write and draw, too, and I just LOVE it! I think it's cool Maggie made a story for her brothers. Way to go, girl.

the fellers said...

I love all your posts....the things you never want to forget are hilarious...NEVER!!!

K said...

She's even got a rudimentary perspective! Cool.


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