Thursday, October 21, 2010

Update: 30 Before 30

When I turned 29, nearly 7 months ago, I compiled a list of 30 things I wanted to accomplish before my next birthday. I thought I'd best give a progress report.

  1. Sample a cupcake from every cupcakery in Salt Lake County 
  2. Run a race (at least a 5k) Dan and I totally rocked the Woods Cross Memorial Day 5k. We killed it. and by killing it, I mean we didn't finish last.
  3. Stop making as many really disturbing faces in pictures. A funny face is good, really creepy face= bad. If my faces creep me out, imagine how other people feel.  I decided that funny faces are necessary sometimes.
  4. Watch a movie in the backyard using Dan's projector.
  5. Go camping with Dan and our kids.
  6. Go on a little getaway with Dan (no kids).
  7. Learn to knit or crochet (whichever's easier).
  8. Hike the Y. I hiked it with some 12 year olds from church. We almost had a run-in with a rattle snake. And then we had a run-in with the BYU football team. Totally awesome.
  9. Tell my husband and kids I love them every single day (I do this multiple times a day, so I guess I just really think this ought to continue).
  10. Take the kids swimming
  11. Eat a European chocolate bar all by myself without sharing. I totally ate 3 chocolate bars by myself without sharing. Holy cow good. Thanks Zita for bringing them from Hungary!
  12. Read the Book of Mormon
  13. Make earrings to give to people that I like.
  14. Sing more
  15. Dance more
  16. Go see a movie at the theater (not just the redbox). In one weekend I saw Shrek 4, and then Iron Man 2. Only time I've been to the movies this year, but it was awesome.
  17. Visit my grandparents more
  18. Write people thank you notes to people to thank them for things they didn't realize they had done.
  19. Learn a new skill in home improvement and use it to improve something in my home.
  20. Make Dan take me to a play.
  21. Invite old friends over.
  22. Invite new friends over.
  23. Arrange a playgroup.
  24. Eat a pizza at The Pie.  Our friends Brian and Robyn went with us to The Pie and it was heavenly. I might go so far as to say its the best pizza I've ever had. Plus, Brian and Robyn are hilarious.
  25. Do something to make someone's life easier.
  26. Do something to make my life easier.
  27. Spend more one on one time with my husband and kids (each person--individually).
  28. Learn more about nutrition (since really I don't know much and it's hard to eat healthy when you're not sure what IS healthy as far as food is concerned).
  29. Learn to bake pies (not related to #28).
  30. Learn to be charming (I'm not sure how one learns to do this.)
Tomorrow I will give an accounting of the pie learning.


jww said...

Okay, Darling, this is a GREAT list! I L*O*V*E that you changed your mind on #4. I just think that it goes to show how a goal can change once you re-evaluate. Plus, I totally agree that funny faces are really necessary sometimes. I love what you've done so far on the list. I've always thought I should learn to be charming, too, and it's taken me almost 39 years to realize that sometimes other people think I'm charming when I really always thought I wasn't, so maybe I'm not the best judge. I think you should cross off #30 & consider it done! :)

Dan said...

You look smokin' HOT!!!

Sharlyn said...

First: Beautiful Photo!
Second: What a great idea to set those goals. I should do a 40 before 40 since it's in 3 1/2 years. Yikes!!!

Angela said...

You are so cute...and VERY charming, so check that one off silly!!

Cherringtons said...

It's looking good, glad we could help out and hang out with you guys we need to do it more often. If you need more help completing anything else do call:) I do want to learn how to make pies too so we could totally work on that one if you would like!

Emily Rasmussen said...

go you!

Pam Williams said...

Ziss, boom, bah! You go girl!

K said...

Pretty impressive, dear one. If I'd been brash enough to make such a list, it would still be pristine.


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