Thursday, October 21, 2010

Acts of Service: 5

Thank You Maggie,

When you played Barbies by yourself for the boys' entire nap time this afternoon, leaving me a glorious hour and a half to do my own thing, it was blissful. Plus, you're becoming so helpful and sweet to all your family members.  I appreciate you.



Marlynn Byers said...

I love reading your blog. It reminds me that there are others out there just as overwhelmed as me with the enormous job of raising a family. Your words remind me of even though it is hard and sometimes just plan "crappy" being a mother, there are moments of enjoyment and pleasure. Thanks for reminding me to be more grateful for my two little ones that drive me absolutely crazy.

LL said...

you are raising a sweet little lady, and future mother.
(or babysitter)
She's so adorable!

Cheeseboy said...

What a nice kid. Gotta love those moments of peace.

Pam Williams said...

When you identify for them the good thing they did, it tends to make them want to keep trying. We feel like we gave birth to our three best friends, and now that they're adults, and brought three more best friends into the family, plus the next generation, the happiness multiplies. It's a promise fulfilled from seeds planted a long time ago.

K said...

What an amazing thing it is when they get to that point. When I had my very first migraine, Ginna simply took over everything, feeding Char and Cam, eventually calling Danny Brand to come and give me a blessing (Guy was gone). It's an amazing turn - and a sudden breaking of light: the do grow up; the baby thing does not last forever. And Pam is right - when you identify those things and make them valuable, you define some essential truths for your child, and she can see better.

jww said...

Hooray!! I'm glad she's entering the "can play by self" stage. That is SO GREAT!

The Willeyes said...

What a beautiful picture of Maggie!


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