Monday, October 25, 2010

Acts of Service: 9

Thank You Miss Joy,

Thank you for running a preschool that Maggie loves. When I tell Maggie it's a preschool day she gets a huge grin on her face! She's always thrilled to go to school and can't wait to tell us about it when we pick her up. Thank you for humoring Maggie by reading the Halloween story she insisted on bringing today. She thinks you're fantastic.

Maggie's Mom


Cheeseboy said...

As a first grade teacher, I can say that a good preschool makes a huge difference.

jww said...

I'll say it again: Preschool is a Gift from God. I'm glad Maggie has such a great one and loves it!! Hooray!

C C & R said...

I love your acts of service! All of them make me smile.

The Willeyes said...

I am loving your posts, and this picture of Maggie is BEAUTIFUL :)


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