Monday, August 30, 2010

A Breather

I have:

  • No camera (kids broke it, haven't bought new one)
  • 2 two year olds and one 3 year old who have 0 respect for me or the house
  • Some issues
So, I'm taking a little breather here on the blog. I won't be gone for long because frankly, I couldn't be. I like blogging too much. But life is getting me down a bit and I can't keep beating myself up that I haven't blogged because there are other things I haven't done that are even more important. Like taking out the trash. And vacuuming up the popcorn the kids have dumped on every surface of the family room. And trying to teach the kids once and for all that whining is NOT okay.

How do people do it? this motherhood thing? its kicking my trash.

See ya!

p.s. if I come into some money, which isn't expected but it happens to some people, some times, what kind of camera should I get? I did have your basic little point and shoot, but I'm playing with the idea of a real grown up camera (digital SLR if that's what they're even called)....


the fellers said...

i dont know how people do this parent thing, it is kicking my trash too right now, if you figure it out, could it be your next post? Have fun on your break!

K said...

How do you do it? You do it. You realize that failure is not an option, and you put one foot in front of the other, realizing that every second you are with your kid you are either training them well, or training them badly, and you make the deliberate choice to make deliberate choices. And you lose your mind, and then find it again, three thousand four hundred twenty seven times. That's how. And you keep in mind that every day it gets a little easier to communicate.

I shoot a Nikon, which I have liked. Gin and Cam shoot Canon, which they LOVE.

Kristina P. said...

I have yet to figure out the parenting thing!

Bre said...

Hi Megan... Good luck with the hiatus. Hope it's everything you need it to be :)

My camera is this one:

Me likey very much. It is compact enough that I carry it everywhere (and thus, I use it lots) - and it has one heck of a zoom (which I find important). It also has a manual setting like DSLRs - if you're in to that sort of thing...
Oh yeah, and the screen on the back is huge... And it takes video... I could go on and on...

I hope you come into some money soon... Good luck!

Beth said...

Put me in queue for Learned Optimism when you're done. I've been doing great lately, but there's always more to learn.
Love you.
And please don't buy one of those beasts that cost $1500 with all the special cases and lenses and all, because you don't need it to snap pictures of your kids, and if you do, I'll have such a hard time not being luvrste.

Marilyn said...

Welcome to the club of people whose kids have broken their cameras. (Well, it was only the lens of ours. Nearly as expensive though.) If I had a reigin for everytime I've said, "YOU KIDS BREAK EVERYTHING!" . . . I could buy you a new camera. Little blighters.

You're stellar, though! Carry on.

Andrea said...

Parenthood. It's hellacious most of the time. Glimmers of light mixed in, though. Like baby boy running to me every morning like he's found the holy grail. Of course, I'm still in bed because morning sickness is kicking my trash and exhaustion has set in like nothing I've previously experienced--and I should DEFINITELY not be in bed at 8:00 am because then the pee-covered older children sit on my furniture, etc. etc. etc.

Like I said--parenthood. Good luck to you. Couldn't imagine twins. You rock.

Ginna said...

I've been taking a breather too--not by choice but by circumstance. It's good you're just deciding it though. Nobody needs the extra guilt, that's for sure.
Get a canon rebel if you're looking at a DSLR. Mine was a SUPER camera. Easy to use and really nice.
Good luck with the kiddos. I struggle with my goofy one every day--respect is a tough lesson to teach.

Cheeseboy said...

I am not sure about the mommy thing, but I do know about the lack of respect towards my house by the little guys. I don't know how to cure it though.

Mary Jane said...

Oh girl! You are amazing! I just feel really glad that someone else's children have a knack to dump popcorn out all over the house. One day I'm going to take a picture of my "pile" I sweep up 2-3 times a day. I wish it was just popcorn.
Keep up the spirits!

LL said...

i love your honesty...being a mom is SO hard. And often times I worry that every one thinks they're the only one struggling.
If it helps, I can promise you it gets much easier...and more FUN! Plus you are dealing with a double dose of busy.
I will miss your posts, I'm just so glad to know you'll be back.
Take care of what's most important...YOU and the FAMILY! the blog can wait.
(but don't make us wait too long) ;-)

Tiffany said...

Love you Megs.
You are a great mom! Hang in there.

InkMom said...

I looked at my twins the other day and for the VERY FIRST TIME in 5.5 years, thought, hey, they're not so tough. I just looked in the mirror and realized I no longer look like a deer caught in headlights.

This does nothing for you, I know, because your twins are not five. And right now, you feel like you are in the darkest, light-starved section of a very long tunnel. But they will get easier. Promise.

And don't worry about the popcorn. If you wear shoes, you won't get any caught between your toes, and if you crush it enough, it just gets lost in the carpet. Vacuum, shmacuum. Do you remember the old late night tv skit about a weirdo dating service? It was called "Lowered Expectations." Try it. (The expectations, not the dating service.) It will change your life, because you will no longer continually fail to meet the standards you have set for yourself that are unreasonably high considering the high concentration of small children in your home.

(My twins just started kindergarten -- and I finally really, deeply cleaned my house. For the first time since they were born. I know. It's fantastic!)

Hang in there. I'll still be around whenever you decide to come back!

Vhari said...

Ah Megs. I miss you and I'll miss reading your posts for awhile. I wish I was there so we could sick (sp?) our kids on each other and sit around and have a good old chat and remember how we are still real and not just a maid, personal assistant and the various other roles we fulfill throughout the day. I love you and for what it's worth you are fantastic and doing a wonderful job at the craziness that is motherhood. Just know you have someone who feels exactly the same way you do.

Meikel said...

Dear Megan,
First of all you look fabulous and your kids are absolutely darling-so you certainly are doing something very, very right in the motherhood department! After all I believe it was my son who last night spilled the Clifford's dishwasher detergent all over their floor last night *sigh*

Anywho-about the camera:
I think a lot of people would recommend a Canon Rebel or the Nikon equivalent. But I would say spend your money on something just a bit better like the Canon 50d or something in that range and instead of buying it full price look for it on KSL and ebay and you will find it for about the same price as a Rebel but you get so much more camera.

Tiffany said...

Megan. One difference between our twins right now is if you set mine down, even if they are screaming they don't move, really. They don't go anywhere or get into anything. Therefore, I believe your lot is more difficult than mine at this present moment. Mine have stop fussing quite so much and it is no longer painful to breastfeed! Wahoo. Thanks for thinking of me,that alone is a lot. You should bring your kiddos over sometime and let them run around our house.

jww said...

I ditto everyone's comments about motherhood. I have come to the realization that NOBODY looks at the daunting task of motherhood and says, "Yeah, I think I should be able to handle that." Some people just fake it better, or aren't very honest about it. I prefer honesty. :) I totally understand your need for a breather, and I will miss you 'til you're back. I'll be thinking of you. xoxo

andrew's mom said...

Hang in there girl! I think you are a great mom....the kids won't recognize it til they are grown so appreciation from your friends is about all you get right now. I will miss you! Come back soon!

The Willeyes said...

You're amazing! Hang in there, it all works out in the end. Can't wait to check in to your blog when your back :)

P.S. Looks like you've gotten a lot of advise about I'm sure your set, but we have a Canon Rebel and LOVE it.

Megan said...

I wonder all the time how people handle the mothering fact, I have thought that about YOU so many times, I can't even count. I know we don't know each other personally (BTW, I'm sorry I didn't take a break from the chocolate fountain long enough to come talk to you at the reunion, but it was nice to at least say hi in passing! ;)) but I think you are doing a wonderful job. I can't imagine having twins plus one. It's hard enough with two that are different ages. Your kids are so lucky to have such a great mom! And believe me, I'm not just saying that. I admire you so much! So keep up the good work! You've definitely got a great and supportive husband to back you up! Everyone I met who knew him in the mission (missionaries as well as members) had OVERWHELMING numbers of good things to say about him. As a team, you guys are going to kick some parenting butt! Enjoy your break from the blog. You deserve it! :)


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