Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Freezer Paper Stencil Tutorial

A Few of My Favorite Things

Well, wouldn't you know it? My {Freezer Paper Stencil Tutorial} and cute TW-IN onesies were "Multiples Monday" features on the adorable blog {A Few of my Favorite Things}.

If you haven't ever heard of AFOFT, then hurry on over there. You are missing out. Baby stuff and good ideas ga-lore! Plus, it's run by a fellow twin mom. Love it.


jaydubdub said...

Her tutorial (well, YOUR tutorial) was awesome!

(I love the name of the other blog she mentioned, too: "Be Different, Act Normal." If I could summarize life in 4 words, that would be it.)

Okay, the main thing that scares me about doing this is cutting out all the stuff with the exacto knife. Which is entirely stupid because I wouldn't bat an eye doing that with fondant for a cake! Anyway, will you tell me how you cut with your Cricut? Do you just put freezer paper on the sticky mat and then cut? Is that it? Because I have a Cricut and I love it and I could TOTALLY do that! Let me know! :) I have GOT to try a freezer paper stencil shirt!! Belinda would LOOOVE it.

Megan said...


yep that's it. you put the freezer paper on the sticky tray and cut. I had to adjust the needle depth or whatever because freezer paper is quite thin and tears pretty easy (so careful getting it off the sticky tray).

I bet Belinda would have a blast doing it this summer.

Kristy said...

My dear friend just found out she is having twin boys in September. I am crafty and having a baby of my own and really not in the mood to try something new right now. Could I pay you to make me some twin boy onesies?!?!?
email me!

A Few of My Favorite Things said...

Thanks for letting me feature your tutorial on AFOMFT! I can't wait to give it a try this summer and will be reading MMMBoppin' daily to see what other great ideas you've got up your sleeve.

youhana said...



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