Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bird Nerd

Maggie's fear of birds is gone. In fact, she's become quite the ornithologist


P.S. She has a rockin' tie dye shirt. And one sock. With sandles.


InkMom said...

I want one. The shirt, I mean.

And your blog is fantastic.

Holdinator said...

My little ones do the socks with sandals thing all the time. It seems that one sock is the norm. I just don't understand kids these days and their crazy "fashion."

Ginna said...

Birds are so cool once you notice them (and quit being afraid of them)
I LOVE Maggie's shirt! I wish I could come and tie dye some stuff with you. I always wanted a cool tie dye shirt growing up but it never happened. Hard knock life, right?

jaydubdub said...

Those are cute pictures!! I'm glad she's enjoying birds now and isn't scared of them (though I stick with my original statement... NEVER let her see Hitchcock's "The Birds." {shudder}) Birds really are very cool!
P.S. Ethan does socks with sandals ALL the time. Or just walks around the house with one sock. I don't get it.

MommyJ said...

That shirt really is adorable. I want one too!

I have a nephew who is terrified beyond belief of dogs. We're hoping he's cured of it soon.

K said...

I wonder how long Bro. Stone will be around? Because he could sure show Mags a thing or two. Maybe she should go visit him and watch the birds through his huge window - there are bound to be some interesting guys flying around his feeders.


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