Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sweetest Wish List

2 very dear Hungarian friends are coming to Utah this weekend. Zita sent me a facebook message which said, "mit szeretnétek, mit vigyek magyarországról?" 

You probably can't read that, though, can you? Good thing I can, 'cause it says "What would you guys like? What should I bring you from Hungary?"

Seriously Zita? You're willing to bring me something? Where do I begin?
I'll begin with this:

It's like a Kit-Kat bar, only instead of just plain wafers stacked together inside of the chocolate, its like a wafer shell filled with hazelnut cream. I bought one of these every Monday.

Then there's this:

A milk chocolate bar with pieces of dried apricot and cookies. The apricots make it a bit chewy and the cookies add a little crunch, and european chocolate is the sweetest, smoothest, meltiest chocolate ever.

This chocolate bar is enormous with a layer of butter cookies and cream. It was way bigger than the big chocolate bars in America. It was like the size of my arm. I tried to buy these sparingly because they tasted so good I'd have the hardest time not gorging on it. And nobody needs to eat that much chocolate in a day. Not even a missionary about the Lord's work.

My mind is just spinning with possibilities, maybe I could just ask Zita to bring me a grocery store.

Are there any foods that you miss from somewhere you once lived?


Angela Noelle of Striking Keys said...

Oh, the irony! YES! I miss Reeces everything, Cinnamon Toast Crunch...and most of your sugary cereals, cartons of eggnog, pre-made cookie dough, American-style donuts, Graham Crackers, soft marshmallows, NYC pretzels, and even Taco Bell (some days).

We have none of those things here in New Zealand. You would find our supermarkets quaint, no doubt, hehehe.

jaydubdub said...

From Israel, I miss their chocolate bar with pop rocks in it. And Bamba, which is like cheetos but flavored with peanut butter instead of cheese. And their cucumbers and tomatoes, which tasted like they were from your garden (at all times of the year)--in fact, you could stand over the bins and SMELL the tomatoes! And the pita. Nobody makes pita like that here.

I have had KinderBueno, which is awesome! Israel imported a lot of European food, especially chocolate. It rocked, as you can well imagine.

Ginna said...

We miss so many yummy foods from Germany/Austria. I dream of them sometimes.
Those kinderbueno are really good, aren't they? There's one waiting for me to eat it in the pantry right now that Kris got me for christmas.
I miss the Haribo licorice. Did you have those? Did you ever see or have a Muller milk? Mmmmmm.

Pam Williams said...

In Iran we got a pistachio nougat I especially liked. It was cut in half-inch bars and individually wrapped. Nothing like a handful of those and a paperback novel on a rainy afternoon while the baby napped. I also miss the bottled syrups of weird fruit flavor combinations that we made drinks with. It was called sharbat, which our word sherbet comes from, but it wasn't cold like ice cream. We could choose beh-limu (apple-lime) or quince-lime, or orange-whatever, endless combinations. A couple of tablespoons of syrup mixed with water or 7Up made a refreshing summer drink. Sort of Kool-Aid only liquid.

Meikel said...

Oh sweet sweet Kinder Bueno! Before I left London I found I Costco and bought a pallet of them to bring home. They ended up not fitting in my suitcase so I had to haul them on my lap for like 13 hours. Totally worth it.

lisa said...

the dark chocolate boci bar with full hazelnuts inside. comes in a red wrapper. this bar began my dark chocolate love affair. how i miss it!

Beth said...

If I were in London right now I'd buy you one of every candy bar they sell in the subway candy machines. A pound a piece but so worthy every pence!!!!

Jenny said...

Oh my mouth is watering...I could go for a good warm pogacsa right now. mmmmmmm I saw some Milka bars in Target the other day, but they were just the plain ones. It was far better than a Hershey, but I wanted some of the other flavors...and Boci bars? Oh heavens...thanks for bringing all this up. What have you done to me?!

Andrea said...

Oh my heck, I miss Canadian fries and gravy and ketchup potato chips, and salt and vinegar potato chips (American versions are wimpy--they don't even make your tongue bleed if you eat too many), and so many, many things. Thank heavens my mom goes to Canada so often so I can send orders--or when the relatives come this way for things like Conference or dropping off missionaries. Still--when you grow up on fries and gravy, fry sauce makes a sad, sad subsitute.

I love my native land.


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