Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Cake Wrecks Tour Coming to SLC?

Yesterday, I was pleased to read that the {Cake Wrecks Book Signing Tour} is planning on coming to Salt Lake City.  I think I'm going to have to go to that. I might have to make a cupcake wreckplica for the contest as well. 

Beth and Marilyn, get ready cause you're going with me.

Who else is in?


jaydubdub said...

Would be if I lived in Utah!! That sounds SO FUN!!!! Can't wait 'til you post about it!! That would be awesome!!

Marilyn said...

Sounds good. I think you and Beth would both make excellent wreckplicas. I think Chelsea wants to go too. Unressa something else comes up, of course.

K said...

I think you guys all need a taste tester.

Beth said...

I haven't read cake wrecks for a while. I'll have to brush up to come up with a good wreckplica. Although, I think Marilyn's was the best of all rowsynke.
P.S. Be sure to give me a hefty share of your hungarian candy when it arrives, as per our deal of you giving always giving me a hefty share of any decent candy you come into.


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