Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I Love My Mother Because.... by Jennifer Wise

I love my mother because she is on my side.  I don't say that because she necessarily TAKES sides, but because she always thinks I am right and brilliant and good.  No matter what the situation is, she thinks I will do the right thing, that I should be supported, etc.  She has supported me in everything I've ever done in my life, especially the really hard things (like when the Spirit wouldn't leave me alone until I went on a mission, even though I really would have preferred to get married instead.  Not very many people supported me then, but she did.)  

She always encouraged creativity, and when she tried to teach me about things she loved (like cooking) she was patient enough to wait the several years it required for me to love it, too, and now I find that we have several things in common that we enjoy together.  I love her because she wasn't afraid to be a "scriptorian," even when some people used that term derogatorily.  

She doesn't like this picture (something about her chin???), so she may not be thrilled I'm posting it on the internet, but I love this picture!!  (And, come on!  Like *I* look really good here!)  But since I know my mom is always on my side, I know she will forgive me  :)  and enjoy it with me.  

Happy Mothers Day!

My cousin {Jennifer} is incredible. She's a mother of 3 lucky kids. She makes themed birthday cakes and throws the best birthday parties for her kids. I've always loved and looked up to Jen, but I feel like now, thanks to blogging, I know her better than I ever have. It's been fun to develop a friendship with my older, cooler, cousin. And her mother? Aunt Pam is amazing. She writes. She cooks. She thinks amazing thoughts. And she's related to me. Love her. And I love that picture Jennifer sent--Pam looks gorgeous and Jen's stunned baby face is absolutely adorable. Happy Mothers Day to 2 amazing mothers, my Aunt Pam and cousin Jennifer!


jwise said...

Thank you!! (for asking me to participate and for writing those sweet things) :)

Cheeseboy said...

Look at your eyes in that picture. Are you going to fall?

Very touching tribute. Mothers that truly encourage creative thinking are hard to come by.

LL said...

Great picture!!!

Pam Williams said...

Aunt Pam's Disclaimer: this was our passport picture when we went on one of our out-of-(mind)-country adventures. I've gotta say, we've both improved with age.

Meridee said...

Pam is a good one alright. I wish you all could have seen the party she threw a couple of weeks ago. That woman can party plan! I love you Pam! And you too Jen!


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