Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I Love My Mother Because.... by Andrea Young

I love my Mom because:
1) Her laugh--she has the best, most melodic laugh on the planet.  You can pick it out over any crowd.
2) She once drove over our neighbor's lawn to beat my dad and brothers home.  (She's pretty competitive.)
3) Even though she's only 53, she had no indoor plumbing until she got married so she tells some sweet stories about outhouse pranks.
4) She liked having me follow her around telling her every detail of my life.
5) Her bread and her chocolates.  Oh. My. Goodness.
6) She was willing to give birth 10 times so I could have 9 rockin' siblings.
7) That she and Dad race to the car.  Still.
8) Whenever I went through anything physically painful she would always hold onto my ankle.
9) She sang me goodnight songs every night when I was little.  When I got older, she sang me goodnight songs every once in awhile.  When I was in college, she sometimes called and sang me a goodnight song before I went to sleep.
10) She has the kind of faith that moves mountains.

Andrea and I met during a  Spanish program at BYU where we spent the summer pretending we knew how to conjugate verbs  and touring several Mexican cities. Andrea is a hoot, a mother of 4, and a lover of literature. Thanks Andrea, I wish you and yours a Happy Mother's Week!


jwise said...

That is cool! I would love to see her parents race to the car. That is hilarious. Sounds like an awesome lady.

Marilyn said...

This is really sweet. I'd like to meet your Mom, Andrea.

LL said...

I felt happy as I read this. She sounds like a FUN mom.
I SO hope my kids have memories of the good 20 years from now :)


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