Monday, May 3, 2010

I Love My Mom Because.... by Kati Baxter

I love my mom because of her courage and strength, her unconditional love and service to all she knew.  I love her because she taught me to notice the sunset, wildflowers or the smell of the breeze.  I love her for her laughter, that I hear within my own, her smile, her voice, her twinkling eyes, her calmness and her excitement.  I love her because she served me my whole life till I was able to return the favor for the last few months of her life.  I love her for her legacy- a legacy of love, a legacy of kindness, a legacy of testimony, a legacy of building, a legacy of hope.

Kati is my neighborhood friend who is training to run a marathon, bakes bread, raises 3 sons, laughs really hard, loves the Lord, and makes me want to be a better person. Thanks, Kati for sharing your mom with us! 


jwise said...

That is BEAUTIFUL!!!

LL said...

loved that.

Kati said...

Awe thanks Megan!

Britishrocker said...

Kati (and her Mom in heaven) are the best of the best...every word she wrote is true: I bet my career on it!
Hang in there Ms. Kati...THREE BOYS? Wow...have ya kissed Brad yet?

live love laugh luck life listen learn,


EmmaP said...

i love that her role as a mother is her legacy to you. cherish that forever!

Kati said...

HA HA Les! Yes, Brad and I HAVE kissed :) Mucho, if you want to know the juicy details! Can I just openly say this- the one part of that incredible segment you did on our family that bugs me (just a little bit) is when my mom says that Brad has never kissed a girl--- Let me add that he has never kissed A BOY either. Ahhhh now I've said it :)

And Les, just a tip- don't bet your amazing, talented, joyful spreading career on someone as ordinary as me. You have too much to show the world! I mean- what if somebody really took you up on that?? Really, my mom, that is a given- but me, ugh. That is a lot of presure :)

Loved that aliteration!


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