Sunday, March 21, 2010

Thar Be Treasure in That Thar Garden!

Two weeks ago, Dan, the geotechnical engineering dirt genius, decided he wanted to know more about the soils upon which our house was built. The way he went about examining the soil, of course, was to dig a gigantic hole. Maggie was fascinated by the project because she was convinced that her father was searching for gold, rather than just searching for fat clay and silty sand (in case you wondered, those are two real life soil classifications that I've heard my husband talk about at work. I'm so DANG smart.)
Maggie keeps pointing to the garden and telling me "Daddy not find treasure! And he dig a big hole and he can't find it! And the pirates take it."

You know, Maggie's version of what's going on in our backyard with the giant hole is much more thrilling than the true version. I'd much rather find a treasure chest than sandy silt any day.


EmmaP said...

this reminds me of an episode of "Modern Family"... Luke thinks there might be treasure under the house. pirates!!! hahaha!

K said...

He'd go nuts down here. If you don't like the soil, walk a foot and a half. Pirates, eh? Go MAGS!!

jwise said...

That is SO cute!!!

Dan said...

K, Alluvial environments can be like that. Lucky for us we are in more of a lacustrine environment. My main interest is to find the groundwater table. Someday I'd like to build an addition to our house with a 2-story deep basement for a basketball or racquetball court that transforms into a large home theater.


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