Sunday, March 21, 2010

Free Frazil Friday!

It has recently come to my attention that our friendly neighborhood Texaco gives out free Frazils every friday during March. Frazils are made up of high fructose corn syrup, Blue dye #40, Dragon Berries (from berries picked by real dragons), and ice chunks. I think there are only 45 Weight Watchers points (or 1,700 calories) in each 12 oz. serving (give or take a thousand calories, I've never been good at calorie counting).

But they are free*, actually kind of tasty, and good for a little Friday afternoon pick-me-up.

Call me next Friday if you want to meet me there. 

*Would I ever actually pay for one? No way.


K said...

Sadly, at the rate i'm going, it would take three weeks and two hundred miles for me to work off any such thing. And if I'm going to do that kind of work, it had better be because of chocolate. Even if I have to pay for it.

Holdinator said...

Ooh. I tried a dragon fruit Vitamin Water once, and it was terrible. I don't think Vitamin Water has high fructose corn syrup though, so that may have been the problem.

Rachel said...

I'm thinkin'.....this free thing would be great come July.....August...

I'd drink anything ice cold during those months no matter the taste!



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