Monday, February 1, 2010

Trouble in the Toy Room

I just overheard Maggie playing with her Barbies.

Barbie 1: You can ride my pony.
Barbie 2: Thanks!
Barbie 1: You just have to stop talking about me, your friends.

I'm afraid we've got a gossip problem on our hands. I've even heard Barbie and her friends talking about me behind my back. This is getting serious.


Hill Call said...

This is, perhaps, the greatest thing I have heard Maggie say! How do kids learn this stuff? She is AMAZING!!!

EmmaP said...


too funny! my mom overheard when "Ken" asked "Barbie" if she wanted to "hump"! I heard it from the back of the school bus. I remember boys talking about "humping" with girls all the time. Well I don't know why, but for some odd reason, my innocent 2nd grade brain thought if you humped someone, it meant they gave you a piggy back ride.

needless to say, my mouth was washed out and i was sent to my room and didn't even know why. I asked Allison Purcell the next day at school what was wrong with "humping"... wow... that was a shocker!

btw, I am currently "hump" free! bwahahahahahaha! (sorry!)

Tia said...

Megs that was so funny - I can't imagine how you keep a straight face with that one.

jwise said...



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