Monday, February 1, 2010

14 Days of Love: by Ginna

Today's post comes to us from Ginna. Ginna and I grew up on the same street. We were less like neighbors and more like cousins, since our families raised us and our siblings in tandem. Ginna blogs at {Life as Gesamtkunstwerk}, so drop by for gorgeous photos, darling anecdotes about her son Max and dental resident husband Kris, and other happy thoughts. It was her birthday yesterday, by the way. So, Happy Birthday Gin.

Here are 14 things Ginna loves:

1.cold peanut m&ms straight from the fridge
2.going out to eat for other people's birthdays
3.balls of cotton yarn in lots of different colors
4.hanging out with my husband at the end of one of our long days
6.the feeling I get AFTER a good hard aerobics class (not during)
7.seeing an email from a friend waiting in my inbox
8.taking pictures
9.thunderstorms that end with rainbows
11.talking to my family on my cell phone--really it's quite magical
12.getting into a sun-warmed car in the winter
13.hearing my little boy giggle and chortle and guffaw
14.books--anything to do with them: bookstores, bookshelves, book sales, book orders, book lists, libraries, book ends, etc. etc.


EmmaP said...

Getting into a sunwarmed likey.

Ginna said...

Thanks Megs!!
This list was so fun to think of, and so hard to narrow down. So many things to love. It's always so nice to realize how lucky we are, isn't it?
And I'm lucky to have YOU as my friend/sister/cousin thing. So lucky!!

Amanda D said...

What a cool project, Megan.

Love your list, Ginna. I love some of those same things!

Sharlyn said...

Great list, hi Ginna!

Tiffany said...

I loved your list Ginna!

{Erica} said...

Enjoyed reading this first thing this morning.

Ginna you're amazing!

Katie Gee said...

Yay Ginna! She IS a great gal! Happy Birthday Ginna!

Rachel said...

Very fun list Ginna!

jwise said...

I'm with you on Y mountain and Jeffrey R. Holland. And intrigued by cold peanut m-n-ms... worth a try!!


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