Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Emma interviewed me over at her blog {Not so Usual}.
It was fun to think about my history with blogging.
Why I started.
Why I still do it.
Why in the heck I call the thing Mmmboppin'.

And at the end of the interview,
I even unveil my first grade crush.
I know you're dying to know all about it.
Go {see}.


jwise said...

My comment is over on Emma's blog. I just didn't want there to be NO comments on yours. :)

Holdinator said...

Great interview. I correctly predicted your first grade crush (in my head).

Angie Lewis said...

Haha...I too know exactly who your crush is. That's what we get for going to good ol' Westridge together! :) Fun interview!

Tia said...

Wait, which Dustin was it? There were three I can think of in our class...spill the beans Megs.

Megan said...

Hillery of course--the same dustin who asked you to "go out with him" in 6th grade. I was so jealous.

Katie said...

Great little interview!

Holdinator said...

Dude, of course it was Dustin Hillery, the other two didn't sport the flat top.

He was my best friend in first grade, and I happened to notice the attention paid to him by every girl in Miss Meservey's class, and, I will admit, I was a little jealous.


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