Monday, February 1, 2010

Go Cougars!

Dan and I went to the BYU vs. Utah basketball game on Saturday night at the BYU Marriott Center. I only have two words to say about it:

Jimmer Fredette.

I have no idea why his mother named him that. But I'm sure glad she taught him to shoot a ball. The guy hit shot after shot. Never seen anything like it.

I have two more words:

Coach Boylen.

The man is insane. But he's insane in a pretty awesome way. What I really liked about him was that, as Dan put it, if someone had handed him a jersey and said he could play he would have hustled in there and done a bang up job of it too. I'm guessing he'd foul out, though. 'Cuz the dude is intense.


Marilyn said...

Oh, Jimmer. how I love him. His name was James like a normal person, Jimmer a nickname, but evidently it really stuck. I wonder if he changed it officially? Since you _never_ hear anything else. I love it. So fun to say!

Holdinator said...

Coach Boylen is also extremely, refreshingly honest. He has no "coach speak" like most other coaches during interviews. I don't think I've ever heard him use a cliche. I hate being a Cougar fan who admires a Ute coach so much. The dude is just so dang endearing.

Go Cougars!

brittney said...

haha. Your posts always make me laught. I love to read them. It was a great game. We watched it on JustinTV. we're lame.


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