Thursday, January 14, 2010

Grocery Shopping on a Budget

This year Dan and I reworked our budget and I've committed to sticking to it! I've decided that making a weekly menu will help me to be more concise and focused in my grocery shopping.

Last week, {Design Sponge} posted {this adorable menu/shopping list} along with a tutorial for making a clipboard for your fridge. It inspired me, so I spent an afternoon making my own shipping list/menu. Today I used it for the first time, and I think I'm going to love my new shopping system. I've stayed within our weekly budget so far this month (don't knock! Dan thinks groceries are a lot cheaper than they actually are, so this is an accomplishment).

What systems have you developed to keep you financially well?


Kirsten said...

How cool! We'll have to try this. We are staying more financially well by getting rid of credit cards. It has made the world of difference in our spending.

In response to your question about jewlery storage, this is what I use from the Container Store:

I LOVE IT!!!! The kids kept getting in my jewlery, breaking it and it was always tangled. This storage hangs in your closet and hides your jewlery, keeps it so well organized and anti tangled and you can easily pull it out and lay it on your bed when choosing an outfit. YOu have all your jewlery at your fingertips and can flip it over and find the perfect combo. We also use one for storing all the girls bows/clips. It is wonderful!!! Plus it is double sided too.

Here is the one for necklaces I have too:

These two things hang side by side in my closet. Hey good hiding too in case a robber came to take it all...or a busy toddler! ;-D

lisa said...

ha! i made the same thing after seeing that post on DS. mine won't start until next week though, so glad to hear it's going well. (btw hi. I read your blog :)

LL said...

LOVE IT! Thank you for this menu/shopping list. I might have to copy (shocking I know) :)
I do find having a weekly menu makes ALL the difference. It helps with the $$ spent AND it helps me dread dinner time a little less.
A financial system? I have commited to entering my receipts into the online budget DAILY. Helps me keep better track. And NO credit cards!

Katie Gee said...

I did something like this for the first time about 2 years ago (I was trying to complete my Personal Progress, actually got my medallion by the way! YAY!!) and I LOVE it! I definitely don't stick to it all the time but when I do it's fantastic! When the kids say, "What's for dinner?" I don't have to think about it for an hour and then by then it's too late to make anything nutritious. I just look on my list and say it like it is and make it 'cause I know I have all the ingredients in my house already!
Anyway, good luck on keeping with it. I know you'll do a great job.

K said...

I did that too, for a while. And it does save you money, because you're focussed when you go to the grocery story, targeting certain foods and certain quantities. You might work in there an extra can or two of each storable thing - just to start your rotating pantry. I have found, over thirty years, that every time you examine your life and make lists, you end up tightening up your expenditures. It's when you live in an undefined cloud of impulse, that's when you gather too much.

Let me tell you that we're having to go through all our drawers and closets now because, like your mom, we are totally out of storage space. I'm finding all kinds of really, really cool things I didn't even remember I had. There are so many cool and totally legitimately desired things in the world - but on this earth, there's only enough space for things. The Gomms were over last night and told us how Kat finds cool things at the store - and simply takes a picture of the thing, then goes home and puts the shot in a file, and when she wants to be inspired, looks at the pictures. NO STORAGE. NO COST>

Megan said...

That is so great! I love the menu making/list tool. I recently bought a book I can't remember what it's called. ;) Something about feeding your family for under $75 a week. It has fantastic ideas in it and some great recipes. I also just got a Taste of Home cookbook called Dinner on a Dime that is GREAT! Thanks for the tips!


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