Friday, November 20, 2009

Well, Whatdya Know?

The city I was born and raised in and loved my whole life was chosen as one of {Business Weeks'} "{50 best places to raise your kid}."

Best Place to Raise Your Kids: Utah

I knew my parents had it figured out. Provo, I love you. You've always done right by me.


Cherry Tree Lane said...

This post is awesome!
And thanks for the encouragement on the Diet Coke! I need it!

K said...

I hate these awards and lists. People see them and then they move here. This happened about ten or fifteen years ago, us being in the top three places to live or something, and then all these stinking people from all over the place moved here and started complaining about Sunday closures and no bars and whatever else. (hitting head against wall)

But it's better to be on a list for raising children. Not that many people are into doing it these days, so only the serious ones will show up. Maybe.

jwise said...

I love Provo, too!! I am seriously excited that my parents have moved there. Provo is one of my favorite places! I guess they know a thing or two at Business Week.


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