Saturday, November 21, 2009

Thanksgiving #3

This might sound kind of weird, but today I'm thankful for my dentist. See, I have bad teeth. I basically hate my teeth and the cavities they grow just to spite me (seriously I brush and floss longer and better than a lot of people I know). I had to have braces twice in my youth, and you'd think with all the time I spent at the orthodontist/dentist I would have learned to like my teeth. But I don't. I still hate them. And I probably hate them because I always left the dentist's office feeling like a bad person--like every flaw in my mouth was because deep down I was just no good.

I have not liked dentists. I thought that they hated me first.

But this week I sat in the chair of my new brother-in-law {Dr. Dave Huffaker} and it was a whole new experience. He didn't make me feel bad about myself at all. I get to spend 3 more hours in his chair in the upcoming weeks (yeah, my teeth are still horrible), but you know what? It's okay because Dave made it clear that I'm not a bad person and that my teeth really looked good--he was impressed with my brushing skills. Someone believed me that it's not my fault!?


Dr. Dave

So thank you, Dentist/Brother Dave. I'm glad I found a dentist who treats me like more than a walking cavity.

P.S. While I really didn't write this as an advertisement, I wrote this for gratitude week (duh!), here's a shame-less plug: If you need a dentist in Davis County, {call him}. Seriously. He's sweet and he's good--do those qualities not make up the perfect dentist?


MOMster said...

I had braces for 9 freakin' years. Does that count as having bad teeth too?

K said...

A good dentist is a joy forever. I thought you were already related to a dentist? And how did you get a dentist brother-in-law? I can't figure this out.

jwise said...

Okay, you and I have EXACTLY the same bad teeth history! This is hilarious. I had braces twice, too. And I am a religious flosser. I have JUST BARELY started coming home from the dentist with no cavities, but I think it's because all my teeth are actually fillings and there isn't any spot left to decay.

AwesomeAustads said...

I do need a dentist in Davis County!! Mine is from Syracuse and I'm tired of driving up there. Is he is Wood's X/Bountiful?

Megs said...

Buddy! He's in Centerville. YOu should totally go to him. And tell them I sent you so they'll give me a gift card and I'll take you to dinner. Oh how much fun would we have laughing it up over dinner!

Kristen, he is my sister in law (dan's sister)'s husband.


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