Friday, November 13, 2009

Rough Day

It's been a bad 24 hours. The Cliff's Notes Version: Last night there was identical puking in identical cribs. Followed by twin refusal to go to bed because they suddenly decided they felt better and wanted to have fun. Today there was a wheezy twin that sounded like a squeaky toy. So, the doctor was called--an appointment was made. And I ended up arriving 20 minutes late because the children refused to cooperate with getting dressed and fed and all of those necessary things. There was an x-ray where wheezy twin had to be fastened into a device resembling a medieval torture apparatus. A prescription was written for an asthma inhaler that cost 70 dollars because insurance wouldn't cover it. Traffic caused our normally 25 minute drive to the doctors to be 1 hour and 35 minutes. And the whole time that we were stuck on the freeway Maggie thought she needed a drink, then food, then to go to the bathroom, then to watch a movie and play with her toys. Tantrums were thrown at each of those intervals even though none of the things she wanted were available in the car. I am beyond frazzled. Is it really only 5? Can I go to bed yet?

An ornery 3 year old, her asthmatic sibling, and his twin who keeps pooping every 15 minutes just for the smell of it are up for sale. Cheap.

P.S. A special thanks to my in-laws who met us at the doctors office, without who's help I would have completely lost it and would probably be checked into a mental institution.


Ginna said...

Oh man, that definitely sounds rough--actually more like torture. Horrible torture. And add $$$ on top of that and it's awful!
Go to bed early. When that Dan comes home hand over those kids and get some rest. Actually on 2nd thought, hand over those kids, get on a plane and come visit me. Even better.

Leslie said...

I don't know how you do it. Really. You are amazing.

Emily said...

Megan, you're the meaning in my life, you're the inspiration! (Can you hear the song now?) No seriously though. I don't know how you do it. I feel guilty for my ham and cheese meltdown last night now!

Kirsten said...

Having sick kids is NO fun especially ones that can't run to the toilet by themselves. I hope they feel better soon and that you escape it so you can keep up your mad running skills! ;-) Luv ya lots!

Kati said...

WOW- Megan- I am so sorry you have had such a terrible day! Oh man- MAN! So sorry. You will laugh at days like this to come. In fact- it may benefit you- on other horrible days you may think "at least it wasn't as bad as that one day." And that may carry you through till the sun begins to shine again! May today be a wonderful day for you and your kiddo's! I hope your twins get better soon!

Beth said...

Wow, Megan, that IS a bad day!
I'm chuckling because that really is a doosey of a day but I do feel sorry for you. And you had to haul them all 'round 'cause your mom done flooded her house just in time. Must have been bad karma yesterday because I was so sick I was diahrea'n my guts out and couldn't get out of bed all day.
Who else must have had a bad day yesterday?

K said...

This is when my mantra kicks in (actually, it's Dorey's):

Just keep swimming,
swimming, swimming, swimming
Just keep swimming,
swimming, swimming, swimming
(repeat five thousand times)

the fellers said...

oh man oh man...I am WAS friday the 13th you know! hhaha....I am sorry one of the twins has asthma, not fun at all...and i am sorry your insurance wouldtn pay for the inhaler...what the?

Becca said...

Megan, I love you so much. I wished I looked as cute as you do when I'm having a bad day...seriously you look adorable in that picture!! You guys are in our prayers! I hope everyone including you get feeling better really soon. Love ya Megs!

jwise said...

Oooooh! SO sorry. I'm happy for you that that day is over!

Diana said...

I found on the days I was willing to give the kids away....there were no takers. It's only when they are clean, polite and cute that people wanted them...I guess lucky for me, that didn't happen very often! LOL Believe it or not, these are the times you will look back on an laugh...and be amazed that you made it through them! Hang in there! :D


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