Monday, November 16, 2009

I ARE Have a Sister!

Maggie lately has been big on arguing with me. Generally, our conversations go like this.

Me: Did you finish your sandwich?
Maggie: I ARE finish my sandwich. I ARRRRRE!!!
Me: Good. I was just checking. You don't have to yell.

Sometimes I wonder if she's half pirate. Anyway, yesterday at church she went to a new level. Her darling Sunday School teacher gave each of the 3 year olds in her class an envelope with little paper doll cutouts inside representing the members of their family. Really cute.

She opened her envelope and found a daddy, a mommy, a Maggie, and two brothers. But then Maggie had a melt down. Her teacher told me she was sobbing about the fact that there was no sister in her envelope. "I are have a sister! I are!!" she declared.

Bless the poor child's heart. She wants a sister. And I'm not about to give her one. Not at this insane point of our lives. Anybody got a sister she can borrow?


Kel said...

If we lived closer, she could borrow my little one to play sister. Just yesterday she patted my stomach and asked when I was going to have a baby. "Not today," I told her.

Kirsten said...

Maybe Maggie should talk to Ethan who gives me constant lectures on why we need a brother in our family...and he's seven!!!

I think Maggie is adorable (well maybe not the meltdown) and think its cute when siblings want another sibling, cuz at least she isn't yelling that she has too many fo them already!!! ;-) And just because your kids are so cute, someday I think you should have a sister for Maggie! LOL!!!

Denae said...

Megs, you can borrow my girls any time you want.

They often ask for a brother, and I have to tell them that we have to have a Daddy first. I guess I have an easy out with that one.

Good luck. I think you are the best!

Ginna said...

Oh Mags. She and MAx can commiserate about needing/wanting siblings that don't exist.
She could lend Max some brothers though. Maybe we could come up with a couple of girls over here somehow and do a trade across?? One girl and one boy for each?
Wow, that's a practical plan, now isn't it?

I ARE using my brain, I ARE.

Lilly said...

What is up with our Maggie's?? Mine started full on crying in bed the other night and when I asked her what was wrong she said "There is no one in this room to sleep with me because you don't have my baby sister in your tummy yet!" What the WHAT? Where do they get this stuff? Is this God's humorous way of telling us it's time to get pregnant? Please say no. Help me Rhonda, I'm not ready for #4!

EmmaP said...

this is like DeJaVu!!! For reals! I had the same thing with Kienna! by the way...she *still* wants a sister! lol!

jwise said...

Poor cute, pirate Maggie. I know what you mean about the arguing. I have been through that! He'd argue about ANYTHING. He is outgrowing it, to a point, but still loves to do it. Ug.

K said...

How interesting that she picked up the verb in that way. I wonder why. I understand clearly her use of it as emphasis, but why the third person rather than the first. Unless you and Dan have had some emphatic discussion lately, one of you saying "They ARE" in a very impressive way, and the other responding to that in a way she perceives to have been capitulation or cooperation.

I love it when kids pick up grammar patterns and speech patterns without understanding the specific exclusions and irregularities - you can see so easily how analytical their brains are and how pattern sensitive. But this is the first time I've ever heard this particular mis-usage/usage. Interesting, especially when you bring in the pirate angle, how Maggie makes everything her own.

My word today is "proto" - as in "prototype"?


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