Thursday, September 10, 2009

I'm Domesticated!

This summer has been full of home-making tasks I've never done before. I canned grape juice. I've been freezing produce. I made jam!

And I made a pie. My first pie.

There are a few things I have never tried because I know I would be terrible at it. Making pie crust was one of those things. But I sucked it up and did it--and you know what? I think it was alright--good, maybe even delicious! Thanks to our neighbors who supplied the amazing peaches!


jwise said...

Ooooh, that looks so good!! Good for you. You ARE domestic!

Rachel said...

I'm impressed! It looks fabulous and I bet it tasted pretty darn good as well.

The first time I tried making pies I kept killing the crust. I was so frustrated and then Brian walks in and takes over, does a fabulous job, and gives me yet another reason to be irritated at all that he does better than me. Excuse me! I'm the homemaker here.

AwesomeAustads said...

My husband makes the crust while I make the inside. He's better than me. Hey remember back in the days of Coop de Hoop and the summer of basketweaving? So a few years ago, my cousin and I decided to try making those baskets (with pine needles of course) under water. I introduced underwater basketweaving to my husband. It was great fun. Try it sometime. You need snorkels though.

Sharlyn said...

I am long, long, long (get the idea) overdue to make my husband a pie. *SIGH* Guess I'd better get on it :)


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