Friday, September 11, 2009

Hand Me Downs!

Last month we were lucky enough to get 3 big bags of hand me downs--2 from my sister Courtney and one from my pal Denae. Maggie was in absolute heaven. She donned her cousin Madison's old dance costume and squealed with delight over each shirt, swim suit, and sandle! It was better than Christmas.

Thanks for the goods, friends!

P.S. The boys got some, too, from Tiffany (and Sonia) but they're too young to know how cool that is.


jwise said...

That is the best! I love her in the dance costume. SO CUTE!!

Rachel said...

We like hand me downs! Kirsten rarely gets them being the only girl but when she does.....they are all she'll wear.

Hill Call said...

How do you get upset with that face? Does she ever get in trouble?


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