Thursday, July 2, 2009

Who Needs a Baby Gate?

when you have a play kitchen? Does your baby gate have an oven?


Marilyn said...

That is a really, really cute play kitchen. Other things you can use as baby gates:
*bob-up inflatable clowns (the kind with sand in the bottom--worked for my mom, but I don't have one)
*watchful brothers (don't work)
*egg-shaped maracas (don't work)
*eagle-eyed vigilance (doesn't work)

And thus we see why my children have all fallen down the stairs multiple times. Thank you.

Ginna said...

or if you're us you can just get a big old plank of wood from the garage and drill it into your banisters in the living room--then put a fence gate latch on it. It was pretty extreme and awesome. Max still ended up falling down the stairs though--once on his trike and once in his little tykes car.
Ah well. good thing there was a landing in the middle of the stairs.


jwise said...

I love it! That's WAY better than a baby gate.

K said...

I could also add dining room bench on its side, ottoman, and fat old dog to the list. But none of them really come close to the glory of a red kitchen set.

How funny - my secret password here is sinklis. Woah, like they READ YOUR POST>


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