Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Have A Cow

Dan has a friend whose parents give him an entire cow each summer. Not a live one, but a dead butchered cow--every cut of meat you could imagine. So, what does this friend do but throw it on the grill for a barbeque? And he invites all his old college buddies and their families. 

And Dan lives for this: all the steak, hamburgers, all beef hot dogs, and prime rib he can stomach (and he can sure stomach a lot).

It just makes me happy that some people are so generous. And it makes me want to be generous too. Maybe some day I'll be rich enough to give out cows to my kids. And when I'm that rich, come on over for a steak. Or 3.


Katie Gee said...


Kati said...

That is just awesome! Brad's family gets a cow every year from his grandpa----- but they eat the cow throughout the year! That is A LOT of meat for one bbq- so awesome!

I love the family pictures!

Also- the playgroup. What park are they meeting at these days?? It would be fun to do that this week! Let me know!

amy said...

Sign me up! Is said friend married? I just paid $400 for a quarter of a cow.

K said...

We get half a cow every two years. That's enough to keep us swimming in meat. And I like knowing that the cows come from local farmers who give them good (if short) lives while they fatten up - no cow factories, no fear or abuse.

MOMster said...

Geesh! If steak is involved, count me in!!! I'm all about a good steak from the grill. YUM!

the fellers said...

what a good idea, I want a cow!


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