Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Some Vacation

We're gearing up for that vacation we've been looking forward to for months. But yesterday Dan showed me the weather forecast and its not looking so sunny. In fact, it's looking down right chilly. So I had to swap out the shorts in our suitcase and replace them with pants and sweaters. 

Current: Clear
Wind: S at 0 mph
Humidity: 71%
Snow Showers
47°F | 34°F
Chance of Snow Showers
52°F | 34°F
Chance of Snow Showers
54°F | 36°F
Partly Sunny
54°F | 38°F

Dang it.


Mary Jane said...

We're heading to Bear Lake this weekend. What we going to do with no sun there? Where are you heading? Have fun!

the fellers said...

oh....where are you going? I am sorry there is not much sun, but enjoy getting away!

K said...

Good luck. Are you allowed to go on vacation in the middle of the Last Days?

Sharlyn said...

well, on the bright side, years ago you would have showed up with your shorts and froze. Leave in a pair anyway, be prepared :)

jwise said...

Where are you headed? Bad weather stinks, but I have to say: a vacation is a vacation. If you're off doing something you don't normally do, you'll be happy in 47 degree weather!

Ashley said...

You never know - our beach vacation was supposed to be rained out but we only had 5 minutes of showers during our 3 day trip!! Now I drove home through a monsoon.... but I was content. I'll keep my fingers crossed for ya'll!


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