Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Dear Internets (and whoever this may concern),

I need to make a calendar. I just got called into the Young Women's organization at church and apparently making calendars is a big part of what I'll be doing. Which means I need one on my computer. Where do you download/buy/get a calendar template that's not ugly?

Many thanks,


Aly said...

I use the google calendar at work. It works great and you can color coordinate things. Seriously, it's better than any scheduling and planning calendar program I have used and of course, it's free.

chris said...

I second the google calendar nomination. I use it for all my scheduling needs.

amy said...

There are some templates here
but I don't know if you could type on them?
If all else fails, I used to use MS Word, create a calendar using a table, then add images. It was lame though.

jwise said...

I'm glad other people had some calendar suggestions because I have none. All I really wanted to say was YW ROCKS!! You're going to love it! :)


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