Thursday, June 4, 2009

Enjoy It

As Maggie pulled me by the hand up and down the soccer field tonight at our church's Mother/Daughter picnic, I thought, "Gosh. Wouldn't it be nice if she'd run around with the other kids and let me sit and chat with some grown-ups?"

But then I thought, "Soon she won't want to play with you. Enjoy this now."

Oh, I do enjoy my Maggie. She's my best little friend.

P.S. Thanks  Robyn for the cupcakes. As you can see we really enjoyed them!


Jill_ums said...

I love the bottom picture. What a cute family!

Cherringtons said...

You are very welcome!! I enjoyed visiting with you last night for a little bit. Cute pics!!

jwise said...

Great pictures! You're right--soon enough she won't want to play with you. I think that's why I get crazy about birthday parties for my kids. I know that in 6 years, my oldest won't even be living with me any more, and after that who knows if I'll even see him on his birthday. Time is short. Enjoy whatever you can.

K said...

Good daddies make good horsies. And good horsies never mind icing in their manes.


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